Never Late, Never Away Chapter 39

Vivian guessed that he probably saw her calling at the staircase. However, as she could not think of an explanation on the spot, she merely replied, “Well, it’s just some stuff at work. It’s not anything important.”

Vivian was not deliberately trying to conceal her mother’s condition from Finnick. It was because she really did not know how to bring it up.

If she said that her mother was severely ill and she was in dire need of money for her treatment, it would sound like she was demanding money from Finnick.

Although they were married and she was starting to develop some reliance on Finnick, she was still unwilling to reveal her vulnerabilities to others.

Perhaps, this was a habit she had cultivated since young. Her mother always reminded her that even if everyone mocked her for not having a father and for being an illegitimate child, she must never display any weaknesses. She must never let someone else make a joke out of her.

When Finnick noticed that Vivian’s gaze flitted, he pondered for a while and decided against asking further.

Naturally, he knew about her mother’s condition.

However, he did not plan on taking the initiative to offer her help. As he knew how sensitive and stubborn she was, he was afraid of affecting the fragile trust between them.

Let’s take it slow. I don’t want to scare her.

Gazing at Vivian, who was preoccupied with her thoughts, Finnick silently mocked himself.

He never imagined himself, who had always been so decisive during business negotiations, to become so hesitant just because of Vivian.

“Let’s eat.” In the end, he merely said, “After the meal, I’ll send you to the train station.”

Vivian nodded, heaving a sigh of relief that Finnick did not insist on sending her to her office.

Does this mean that he’s starting to think from my perspective?

Vivian took the train to the magazine company. Before she could sit at her desk, the secretary informed her that Fabian had summoned her.

Vivian’s heart sank.

After returning from Q City, Fabian stopped giving her a rough time. Why is he calling for me now?

With that puzzling thought, she walked towards Fabian’s office.

“Mr. Norton, how may I help you?”

“Vivian.” Fabian stared at Vivian coldly and went straight to the point. “I heard that you’re collecting your salary in advance for this month again?”

Vivian’s heart sank. “Yes, I need money.”

“You need money?” Fabian scoffed coldly. “What for?”

Vivian could feel her fingertips trembling. Her voice turned frostily as well as she rebuked, “That’s the Finance Department’s business. As the Chief Editor, aren’t you being excessively concerned?”

“Why? Is it for something shady?” When Fabian saw that Vivian was avoiding the question, his mocking tone intensified.

Vivian shot a glare at him. She took a deep breath and smirked. “I want to buy a bag that’s just been released. It’s a limited edition. If I don’t collect my salary in advance, I won’t be able to snatch it in time.”

Since Fabian already thinks that I’m a gold-digger, I’ll just let it be.

Anyway, I don’t care anymore.

When Fabian heard her nonchalant tone, he could not help but clench his fists. Smirking coldly, he scoffed, “Huh? It’s just a bag. Those men refused to buy it for you?”

Those men?

Vivian thought that she had already become immune to all these attacks. Even though Fabian insulted her like that, she didn’t feel a thing at all.

“Vivian, why aren’t you saying anything?” Fabian abruptly stood up and raised his voice. “I’m asking you a question. What about those men? Or did they dump you after getting what they want from you?”

Frowning, Vivian was starting to lose her cool.

Is Fabian nuts? Why is he acting up again?

“Mr. Norton, if I can’t collect my salary in advance, forget it.” Vivian had lost her patience. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave now.”

Vivian was about to leave when Fabian suddenly strode forward and flung something directly on her face.

“Vivian, can you explain to me what these are?”

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