Never Late, Never Away Chapter 391

“I guess the teacher doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it since it’s just a squabble among kids.But I’ll have to teach Evelyn a lesson when we get home.

Benedict was embarrassed to look at Vivian when he made that remark. Evelyn probably did this intentionally so that Finnick would lose faith in Vivian.

Upon hearing that, Vivian was overwhelmed by mixed feelings. I can’t believe how conniving Evelyn is. She’s still so young!

“So, you’re saying Evelyn likes Finnick, and she won’t give him up? Does that mean she lied when she promised she would not get between Finnick and me?”

“I’m afraid so,” Benedict nodded, “That’s why I told you to be mindful of her.”

Vivian took a glance at Benedict and asked, “Did you believe me when I told you Evelyn escaped without Finnick during the fire incident ten years ago then?”

“I did,” Benedict nodded at first, but he added, “But I believe Evelyn didn’t leave Finnick there on purpose.

“She must have panicked since she didn’t have the energy to carry him. I guess she was too afraid to tell us the truth since she thought we might reprimand her.”

Evelyn was Benedict’s sister, after all. Thus, he did not wish to think of her as someone with evil intent.

At that point, Vivian was touched when she heard that Benedict trusted her, but somehow, she was still a little crestfallen. She was upset that Finnick and her Mom chose to believe the rumors on the Internet instead of her explanation. Yet, Evelyn’s very own brother believed what I said. What an irony.

“Why do you believe me?” Vivian asked, “For all you know, I could be lying to you too.”

“Because I know Evelyn too well,” Benedict responded with a wry smile. He looked into her eyes and said, “You might think I’m crazy, but everything you do or say makes me want to believe you.” After spending quite some time with you, I believe you’re a person with integrity.

“Thank you,” Vivian looked at him and said. Benedict seemed to always be on her side. The man was there when Rachel was admitted to the hospital. He was also with her at the cemetery, fending off the paparazzi. It seemed whenever Vivian was in trouble, Benedict would always appear in the nick of time to take care of her.

“Don’t worry about it.” Benedict looked at the serious expression on Vivian’s face and patted the back of her head gently.

Patting a person’s head was an intimate act, but Vivian did not take offense to it. In fact, she thought of him as a close family member and responded with a grin.

At this point, Vivian heard footsteps coming in her direction. The moment she saw Finnick, the smile on her face instantly disappeared. She pressed her lips and lowered her head.

Finnick stared at Vivian with disdain. Just a while ago, she raised her voice and argued with him, but with Benedict by her side, she was all smiles.

Walking up to her, Finnick extended his hand. “Let’s go home.”

Nonetheless, Vivian ignored him. She then pressed her palm against a wall and tried standing up on her own. All of a sudden, her legs turned numb, causing her to stagger and falling down the next second.

However, Benedict, who stood beside her, caught her on time before she collapsed on the ground. At that moment, Vivian leaned against his chest as if she had done it on purpose.

A hard glint flashed through Finnick’s eyes as he observed their interaction from a distance. He walked up to her, carried her up in his arms, and walked away immediately.

Vivian tried pushing him away as she wanted to get down, but Finnick tightened his grip and refused to put her down. Left with no choice, she could only give him a killer stare. “Put me down!”

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