Never Late, Never Away Chapter 394

Those people took a sidelong glance at Vivian as if they wanted her to know they were talking about her.

Upon hearing all their remarks, Vivian could only tighten her grip on a pen in her hand.

One day, I’ll show them all the evidence, so they’ll know what kind of person Evelyn is.

“Enough with your gossips, and focus on your work!” Fabian warned. Even he could hear them talk from his office.

Everyone in the office instantly kept their mouths shut after that. Seeing that they were all silent, Fabian then turned to Vivian. “You. Come in.”

Vivian did not know why he wanted to see her, but she still went in. She just wanted to get away from those people who shared the same space with her for a moment.

After she went in, Fabian offered her a seat.

“You okay?” Fabian showed concern in a gentle voice.

However, Vivian did not answer him as she did not know what to say. After all, she could not plaster a smile on her face and tell her she was fine.

“I know about everything on the Internet, and I trust you. It’s all a misunderstanding, right?” Fabian asked.

“Thank you, Fabian.” Vivian was very touched, “Thanks for believing in me.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll always be on your side.” Fabian then cautiously asked, “But what about Finnick?”

Vivian lowered her head and remained silent. It was not difficult to guess whose side Finnick was on. The video captured everything so clear, and he used to be so in love with Evelyn. He would most probably think Vivian was the culprit.

“I’ve witnessed them falling in love and knew how close they were. Now that Evelyn has returned, I won’t be surprised if he’s having second thoughts about his relationship with you.” Fabian then walked up to her, crouched down, and held her hand.

“But he wouldn’t have doubted you if he’s in love with you, would he? This only goes to show he still cares for Evelyn.”

Vivian tried to pull her hand away, but Fabian grabbed her wrist even more tightly. “Now that Ashley is out of the picture, why don’t we get back together? I promise I’d believe you in everything you do, I…”

“Fabian!” Vivian raised her voice, pulled her hand away, and stood up. The atmosphere in the office turned instantly awkward.

Upon noticing he had gotten on her nerves, Fabian immediately came to his sense. Crap… I shouldn’t have rushed into it. I’m sure she’s still very overwhelmed right now.

“I… Sorry, Vivian. I shouldn’t have bothered you with that type of question.”

Vivian was surprised to see how apologetic Fabian was. As a matter of fact, he would have never behaved like this in the past.

Hence, Vivian accepted his sincere apology and sat down. She decided to switch to another topic to defuse the tension. “When is Ashley’s funeral?”

“This Sunday.” Fabian was relieved that Vivian was no longer mad at him. “Are you coming?”

“Yes.” Vivian nodded. “She’s my sister, after all.”

“All right. I’ll make the necessary arrangement for you,” he replied.

“Thanks.” Vivian was grateful to him for handling Ashley’s funeral in the last couple of days.

“Don’t mention it. It’s my responsibility,” Fabian gazed into her eyes and replied.

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