Never Late, Never Away Chapter 396

Without a choice, Vivian continued to suppress her anger. “Are you done? If so, then you can leave now.”

Evelyn let out a cold snort. She was surprised that Vivian did not explode with rage like the last time. Hence, she inched closer and whispered in Vivian’s ear to provoke her further, “Don’t worry, I’ll take back what was mine.” After that, Evelyn stood up and looked at Vivian in defiance.

All of a sudden, Vivian recalled someone seemed to have made a similar remark like this before. She paused for a bit and finally remembered. It was a remark her Twitter follower, “Back to the Past,” had made: It’s time to return the item to its owner.

“You’re ‘Back to the Past’!” Vivian exclaimed in disbelief while pointing at Evelyn.

“Bingo,” Evelyn chuckled, “Are you that innocent, or are you plain dumb?”

“And you’re also the one who released the birthday video?” Vivian was dumbstruck. She did not realize Evelyn had been following her Twitter for such a long time.

Upon that, Evelyn seemed to be very proud of her achievement. “Of course, it’s me, you fool. I wish I could continue to play this game with you, but you’re just too dumb.”

She then turned around and left after mocking Vivian for the one last time.

Feeling stunned, Vivian froze in the pantry for a long time.

Never in a million years did she think Evelyn was “Back to the Past.” Why didn’t I suspect anything earlier? She’s right. I’m stupid. I’m so stupid!

She went back to her seat and continued working under the watchful eyes of all her colleagues for the rest of the day.

The day had finally come to an end, and she went home immediately. At that time, Finnick was still nowhere to be found.

To take her mind off Evelyn, Vivian took a warm shower and felt much better. Suddenly, her stomach rumbled. That’s when she realized she had not eaten the entire day.

Since Mrs. Filder took a day off, Vivian decided to head downstairs to make herself some noodles. Coincidentally, Finnick just came home while she was walking downstairs. The awkwardness was written all over their faces the moment their eyes met.

Vivian froze. She was not sure if she should turn around and return to the room or keep walking to the kitchen. After giving it some thought, she decided to do what she had initially intended and walked toward the kitchen, giving Finnick the cold shoulder.

Finnick only stepped into the living hall after Vivian had ignored him and walked away.

He then went straight into his study, wanting to continue with his unfinished work. Yet, he was constantly distracted by Vivian’s emotionally distant expression earlier. No. We can’t go on acting like strangers. Thus, Finnick immediately went downstairs again to have a talk with her.

He stood by the kitchen and noticed she was cooking noodles. After a brief hesitation, he finally opened his mouth. “I’m hungry too. Could you make me some?”

In the meantime, Vivian was actually aware that Finnick had been standing outside of the kitchen for a while, but she just pretended he was not around since he did not say anything.

I knew it. I knew he wanted me to make him some noodles too.

Finnick, for sure, would not know how to cook, and Mrs. Filder was not around to take care of his dinner.

Nonetheless, Vivian decided to make an extra plate of noodles for him, though they had not made peace with each other. Yet, she did not answer his question directly.

The way she ignored his request caused him to feel extremely awkward. Obviously, Finnick was not used to making peace with someone, so he decided to leave the kitchen and return to his study.

He sat by his desk and was mad at himself for not continuing with the conversation. How am I supposed to talk to her now?

A corner of Vivian’s mouth quirked up. Well, well, well, how the high and mighty Mr. Norton has fallen. All for a plate of noodles.

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