Never Late, Never Away Chapter 397

Just when Finnick was still figuring out his next move, he heard someone knock on the door. “The noodles’ ready.”

Finnick’s face lit up instantly, but by the time he opened the door, Vivian had left and was walking to the dining table.

He followed her to the dining table and started eating the noodles. Finnick had several times wanted to initiate a conversation with her, but after seeing how focused she was on her food, he did not know what to say.

“Finnick.” While he was still contemplating what to say to her, Vivian suddenly called his name.

“Yes?” Finnick was pleased that she made the first move. He put down his fork and looked at her.

Vivian lowered her head as she did not want to look at him. She asked while twirling the noodles on the plate, “Would you come to Ashley’s funeral with me?”

Believe it or not, Vivian did not know if she should make that request since they were still not on speaking terms. Besides, she did not want to give in first.

But she was afraid to face Harvey alone. After all, she was indirectly related to Ashley’s death and the collapse of the Miller Group. Finnick’s presence at the funeral would make her feel a little less uneasy.

That request put Finnick in a rather awkward position. He was pleased that Vivian took the initiative to make peace with him, but he had to turn her down.

Vivian tilted her head aside to look at Finnick, who did not give her a response. She could see awkwardness on his face. He’s probably worried that his presence might cause a stir at the funeral since everyone knew what happened between him and the Miller Group.

“You don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to go,” Finnick immediately explained as he did not want to cause further misunderstanding, “But I’ll be meeting Evelyn this Sunday to work out the details of our design. This design will affect the company’s performance for the next two quarters of the year, so I have to be there. I’ll get Noah to drive you to the funeral, okay?”

Upon hearing his explanation, Vivian tightened her grip on her fork. Evelyn again. Does he still have to meet her for work? He might treat her as a co-worker and a friend, but clearly, Evelyn has her hidden agenda.

Vivian recalled all the things Evelyn said to her in the office today. If only I can keep Finnick away from that woman.

But she knew he would not believe her even if she told him the truth. Besides, they had had too many arguments in the last couple of days, all because of Evelyn. Hence, she did not want to argue with Finnick on the same matter over and again.

“Got it.” Vivian lowered her head and answered.

“You have to trust me, Vivian.” Finnick thought Vivian was still suspicious of his relationship with Evelyn. He lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes. “Evelyn and I are just co-workers. There’s nothing…”

“Got it.” Vivian interrupted. At this point, she was so sick of hearing her name.

Finnick instantly kept quiet as he knew Vivian did not want to talk about Evelyn anymore.

After a short awkward silence, Vivian switched to another topic. “Can you give Emma a chance to attend Ashley’s funeral?”

“You’re willing to forgive her?” Finnick had no intention of letting her off so easily.

“Ashley’s death is her greatest punishment.” Vivian thought it would be too cruel to keep Emma away from her own daughter’s funeral.

“All right then. I’ll arrange for her to come back.”

Vivian nodded and continued finishing her noodles in silence.

At the same time, Finnick could not help but let out a sigh after seeing how cold Vivian was. It’s going to take some time to heal this relationship.

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