Never Late, Never Away Chapter 399

Fabian stopped in his tracks when he realized that the wailing and crying came from Emma. He was momentarily at a loss. When Fabian recovered to his senses, he waved at the security guards, who had rushed in to remove her, to move back.

“Oh, Ashley, my sweet daughter. I can’t believe you’re gone from my life. It’s my fault that I failed to protect you!” Emma continued to yell and wail without caring so much about her image.

Some of the guests at the funeral used to be friends with Emma. They sighed as they had never expected a strong-willed Emma ended up in such a state. Others started to engage in hushed whispers.

Harvey was also startled by the sudden appearance of Emma. He walked briskly toward Emma and said, “It’s Ashley’s funeral and there are many guests here. Can you please stop being an embarrassment?”

“Am I an embarrassment?” Upon hearing Harvey’s words, Emma sprung to her feet and grabbed onto his collar. “Is that all you care about, Harvey Miller? You’re such a piece of trash! You can’t even protect your own wife and daughter. What right do you still have of calling yourself a man and a father?”

Emma’s grip was so tight that Harvey failed to pry open her balled-up fists at his collar and tie. His feet were unsteady and his face was turning red from her pulling his tie.

Seeing that Harvey started to have difficulty breathing, Vivian went up to them and helped him break free from Emma.

The appearance of Vivian had the effect of adding fuel to the fire as Emma let go of Harvey and started charging toward her, ready to give her a slap on the face. Vivian took a quick step back and avoided the slap. However, Emma’s sharp fingernails still landed on her arm, leaving a few deep scratches.

“Vivian William, you’re a murderer! The nerve you have for showing your face here at Ashley’s funeral. If it wasn’t for you, Ashley would still be alive. I must kill you to avenge Ashley!” As Emma yelled and attempted to charge at Vivian again, she was promptly stopped by Harvey.

Fabian was also quick to shield Vivian behind him from Emma’s attacks. He looked at the scratches on her arm and asked worriedly, “Does this hurt a lot?”

Vivian shook her head to indicate that she was okay. But as she moved, her wounds twitched and caused her to wince in pain.

“Harvey Miller, you’re so blind! This b*tch has killed your own daughter and you’re still protecting her?” Emma was punching and yelling at Harvey, who was still trying to hold her down.

“Vivian is also my daughter. And with Ashley gone, she’s now the only daughter I have. Of course, I’ll have to protect her!” Harvey felt embarrassed by the commotion caused by Emma. “Will you please stop screaming like a crazy person? We’ll settle this at home!” He wished the floor would just swallow her up so she would stop bringing shame to the family.

“Hahaha…!” Harvey’s words seemed to have triggered a wild switch in Emma as she let out a loud and sarcastic chuckle. “You still think that she’s your daughter? You’re such a fool!”

“What do you mean by that?” The man’s expression instantly stiffened.

“I’m telling you, Vivian is not your biological daughter. You’ve been raising another man’s child all these years!” Emma continued to yell and her voice choked, “You still think that she’s your precious daughter. Don’t you know that she has killed your own daughter?”

Emma’s shocking revelation managed to stun everyone in the room and chatters erupted instantly from every corner of the room. What’s going on? They came to attend a funeral, but they heard mind-blowing news.

As the whispers went on, some just stopped being discreet altogether and started discussing the matter openly. “A daughter just passed away, and the next thing he knows, his wife discloses that the other daughter is not blood-related to him. What kind of twisted event is this?” someone said.

“What nonsense are you talking about?” The pressure of being the subject of gossip finally got to Harvey as he slapped Emma on her face before he attempted to drag her out of the door. “You’re getting out of here. Now!”

Ignoring the burning sensation radiating from her cheek, Emma broke free from Harvey’s grip and continued to cry out loud, “I’m not lying!”

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