Never Late, Never Away Chapter 40

Stunned, Vivian lowered her head to take a closer look at what he just threw at her. Suddenly, all the color drained from her cheeks as her body shivered uncontrollably.

They were photos. The images was blurry and unfocused, so it was evident that they had been taken in secret. However, the person in the photos was clearly recognizable.

It was none other than herself!

She was lying on the bed with her clothes disheveled and her cheeks flushed.

Although the photos were blurry, it was evident what she was doing.

Vivian’s mind went blank.

She quickly recognized when the photos were taken—two years ago.

“Where did you get these photos from?” Clutching the photos, Vivian glared at Fabian and demanded in a sharp voice.

What happened two years ago was a nightmare to Vivian. However, after all this time, she was starting to put her past behind her.

Never in a million years did she imagine that someone actually snapped photos of her! With that, the horrible incident would become an irremovable taint that would stay with her forever in her life.

“What’s wrong, Vivian? Are you scared?” Staring at Vivian’s ashen face, Fabian could not help but scoff coldly. “If you’re scared now, why did you even do such dirty things back then?”

Vivian’s emotions were getting out of control. Fabian’s mockery only made her feel frustrated.

“Fabian, I have nothing to do with you! Stop poking your nose into my business!” Vivian’s voice was extremely cold. “Just tell me where you got those photos. Who took them? Who gave them to you?”

When Fabian saw how pale Vivian was, his heart could not help but ache. However, when his gaze landed on those revealing pictures, his fury rose again.

“Don’t you know very well who took them? Why are you asking me instead?” Fabian looked at Vivian mockingly, his eyes filled with disdain. “Or did you mess around with so many different guys that you can’t even remember when is this from, or which man took these photos?”

Vivian’s body shuddered uncontrollably.

Evidently, Fabian could not tell that this was a photo from two years ago.

Indeed, Vivian always had long hair for these two years. It was hard to see any difference.

Hence, due to the deep misunderstanding he already harbored of Vivian, he naturally assumed that those photos had been recently taken by some random man.

Vivian bit her lips. Knowing that she would not be able to get any information from this madman, she turned around and left, not wanting to talk to him anymore.

“Vivian, stop right there!”

Fabian’s furious voice sounded behind Vivian. However, she dashed out of the office without looking back.

After leaving the office, Vivian ignored everyone’s curious stares and ran straight to the toilet.

She closed the cubicle door, slumped on the toilet seat and panted heavily.


Those photos?

Who took those photos and sent them to Fabian? Is it the person who sabotaged me that year?

What is the culprit’s objective? It’s already been two years. Is the person still not satisfied after ruining my reputation? Is that why he or she revealed these photos now?

While Vivian was on the verge of breaking down, Fabian was not exactly feeling happy either.

He sat on the sofa furiously and tugged on his tie which was suffocating him.

He still remembered receiving a picture of Vivian on the bed two years ago. It was what forced him to believe that Vivian had really betrayed him.

Two years had passed since then. He expected that he would have given up completely on this shameless woman by now, but when he saw those pictures, he was still overcome with fury!

Is this a new photo with another man? Who’s the man this time? Finnick? Or someone else?

Fabian was so frustrated that his chest felt like exploding. He must do something about this, otherwise he might go mad!

He suddenly grabbed his phone and dialed a number.

After the person picked it up, Fabian squeezed out a fake smile.

“Hello, Uncle Finnick. It’s me, Fabian. I haven’t met you after I returned, right? Yeah, you left during the family dinner because you had something on. I’m going to pass by your company today. Why don’t we grab a cup of coffee together?”

After half an hour, he arrived at the café nearby Finnor Group.

Finnick was sitting on a wheelchair beside the window. When he lowered his head and spotted the envelope on the table, his eyes narrowed. “Fabian, what’s this?”

Fabian was sitting on the other side of the table. Although he was slightly intimidated by Finnick’s overpowering aura, he said stoically, “I think that you should know about some things, Uncle Finnick.”

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