Never Late, Never Away Chapter 401

Vivian, too, wanted to get to the bottom of this and followed Harvey voluntarily to his car. Fabian and Rachel also hurried after them.

Harvey and Vivian dashed to the registration counter as soon as they arrived at the hospital. The hospital was less crowded than usual and it would soon be their turn.

As the pair waited impatiently, Fabian and Rachel also arrived at the hospital.

“Vivian, Harvey, I—” Rachel opened her mouth but again, nothing material came out. She was still tearful and at a loss of what to say to both of them.

“Mom, can you please tell me what’s going on here? I’m all confused right now,” Vivian pleaded with her mother once more. She refused to believe what Emma said was true.

“Just stop asking questions, Vivian. This is all my fault. I’m so sorry.” Instead of providing an explanation, the weeping woman still chose to apologize for reasons no one seemed to know.

“So, what Emma said was true?” Vivian was insistent. Rachel had stopped talking altogether. Tears continued to roll down her cheeks and her body began trembling as blood drained from her face. Her mother now looked so frail Vivian could not bring herself to exert more pressure on her.

Vivian took a deep breath and felt that the last ounce of energy left her body as she slumped into a chair.

She was still trying to wrap her head around this unforeseen turn of events at her stepsister’s funeral.

Over the years, despite not getting any sort of fatherly love from Harvey, or how awfully he had been treating her, Vivian knew that she had a father.

But now, the father figure she thought she had might not be her biological father all of a sudden. This was such a complicated, yet inexplicable feeling for Vivian.

“I no longer need your answers now. I’ll see for myself soon enough,” Harvey scoffed coldly.

Soon after, Harvey and Vivian were led into a room for paternity test.

After their samples were taken, Harvey asked, “How long until the result is out?”

“Mr. Miller, the result won’t be out until a week later. We’ll give you a call as soon as the report is ready,” the nurse answered.

“I want to see the result by today!” Harvey was unwilling to take no for an answer.

“Mr. Miller, we can expedite the result for you at extra cost. But that’s still going to take about six hours. Are you sure you want to wait here?” The nurse replied politely, despite being startled by the man’s flustered demeanor.

“I don’t care how much it costs, as long as I get the result by today!”

“Sure, Mr. Miller. Please follow me to the counter.”

Harvey was back soon after and joined the rest of them at the corridor to wait for the report. In the meantime, Fabian saw to it that Vivian got the scratches on her arm tended to by the medical staff.

“Vivian, don’t you worry. I’m sure what Emma said is not true.” He tried to comfort her. But it did little to sooth Vivian’s jitters. If what Emma said was all nonsense, why didn’t Mom say one word about it?

Feeling restless, Vivian decided to give Finnick a call in hopes that he could come over to keep her company.

She tried calling a few times but was met with the same voicemail: The number you have dialled is unreachable. Please try again later.

Vivian then stopped calling when she recalled that Finnick had mentioned earlier that he was having a meeting with Evelyn today.

Meanwhile, the paternity test result was finally out just as Harvey’s patience was running thin. After frantically checking at the outcome of their DNA test, Harvey threw the report at Rachel and demanded furiously, “Care to explain to me what’s going on?”

Rachel was startled by the report flying her way and tears welled up in her eyes once more.

Vivian picked up the report lying on the floor and froze on the ground as she read the line that clearly stated that she had no blood relation with Harvey.

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