Never Late, Never Away Chapter 403

Rachel finally stopped sobbing. She then grew drowsy from getting too worked up earlier and soon fell asleep.

After washing up in the toilet, Vivian asked for a clean towel from the nurse and fetched some hot water to clean Rachel’s face while the latter was fast asleep.

When she had done all that she sat down next to her mother to watch over her.

After watching Rachel sleep for a while, Vivian took out her phone and logged into her Twitter account to kill some time.

As she was browsing for random contents that piqued her interests, she came across a live broadcasting of a launch event for Finnick’s company.

She clicked into the broadcast link and saw that Finnick and Evelyn were currently being interviewed by the press.

Vivian’s first response was to shut her phone as rage mounted in her chest. Is she the reason why he didn’t answer his phone when I called earlier?

She, however, could not fight the curiosity in her and went back to the live broadcast. It turned out to be Finnor Group’s product launch for a new series of jewellery. The chief designer for this series was none other than Evelyn.

Evelyn was wearing a long, tube top white dress, paired with a shiny white pearl necklace that rested nicely on her collar bone.

Maybe due to the need of appearing on camera, Evelyn’s makeup was different from usual. She was wearing a nude-colored foundation with a vibrant blend of red lipstick that brought out her look. The makeup artist had done a good job bringing out Evelyn’s best features as she appeared refreshingly pleasant with just enough hint of sexiness in this attire.

Finnick was in his black suit as usual. However, his sharp-looking demeanor had brought life out of an otherwise boring suit.

Given the recent news of the two of them were still hot topics amongst the media outlets, some reporters took the opportunity to throw in a few questions on his personal life on top of the jewellery designs.

The press, however, did not get much out of Finnick, who only answered questions directly related to the launch event. Every question he deemed irrelevant was treated as though it was non-existent. All and all, his carried on with his usual style.

Evelyn, on the other hand, was a lot more at ease in front of the cameras. She took the reporters’ tricky questions and turned them around playfully that people actually found her to be an absolute delight to interview. Evelyn was instantly the darling to these reporters by being not only beautiful and smart, but also high in EQ.

The comment box was full of Twitter users’ compliments of Finnick and Evelyn.

Such a gorgeous pair it’s picture perfect!

Their attires are as perfectly matched as Prince Charming and Snow White.

Imagine what a beautiful baby these two will make!

I wish they will get together. They make such a perfect couple!

I’d love the character set of a domineering CEO and beautiful princess. That’s so cool!

Staring at the smiling Evelyn on her phone, Vivian shuddered as she recalled the sneering look on same woman’s face when Evelyn approached her the last time. This woman is a natural actress.

Toward the end of the session, the host addressed the press, “Alright, we now have time for one more question. This is your last chance to get your burning question answered.”

A reporter was quick to stand up and asked, “Ms. Morrison, we’ve pretty much covered everything regarding your latest design. For the last question, I’m wondering if I can ask you something more personal. You can choose not to answer if you don’t want to.”

Evelyn pretended to think about the question before she let out a cheeky smile and replied, “Of course.”

“There must be no short of suitors for someone as beautiful and talented as yourself. But just for the public benefit and something for them to work toward to, can you tell us more about what type of man you are into?

“Hmm…” Evelyn tilted her head in the direction of Finnick before she smiled sweetly and said, “I choose not to answer this question.”

“Ms. Morrison, are you still into Mr. Norton?” the reporter persisted.

As Evelyn continued to reply with a smile, the host was quick to round up the session. “Alright, I’m sorry but we did say that only one more question. Thanks, Mr. Norton and Ms. Morrison for joining us today. And also thanks to all the media friends for your presence. See you all!”

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