Never Late, Never Away Chapter 404

Although Evelyn did not answer, the directional glance towards Finnick had been obvious. Rumors about the love affair between Evelyn and Finnick would probably be all over the news the next day.

After the launch event ended, Finnick headed backstage in a grouchy mood. Those reporters were so lame. It was supposed to be a launch event about their jewellery, but they were all asking about the latest gossip.

Pulling out his phone, Finnick noticed he had several missed calls. He tapped on them to find that they were all from Vivian. Worried that she had urgent business to discuss with him, Finnick called her back as soon as he saw the list of missed calls.

A depressed Vivian put down her phone after watching the launch event. Those people clearly knew that Finnick was a married man, but they went ahead and paired him up with Evelyn anyway. Have they ever considered my feelings if I see that? Or am I really that different from Evelyn in the eyes of the public?

At the same time, Vivian also had some complaints to make about Finnick. While she was waiting for the test results, she desperately needed him by her side, but he chose that time to be with Evelyn.

Just when Vivian was ruminating over all that had happened at the launch event, the phone in her hand buzzed and vibrated. She picked it up and saw that Finnick’s name appeared on the caller ID.

She did not feel like answering his call right then. Thus, she muted her phone and tossed it aside, ignoring it.

“Sorry, the person you’ve dialed is unavailable. Please try again later. Sorry…” Finnick’s brows furrowed when he was confronted by the automated message from the phone. Perhaps Vivian doesn’t have her phone with her?

Still worried about Vivian, Finnick made another call. Vivian was still angry with him. So, if nothing had happened, she probably would not have tried to call him so many times.

Seeing the phone screen lit up again, Vivian hesitated. Eventually, she grabbed the phone and headed to the corridor outside the ward to answer the call.

“Hey, what’s up?” Vivian spoke on the phone in low spirits.

“Why didn’t you pick up just now?” Because he had been worried, Finnick blurted the question in a harsh tone. Vivian only felt more upset when she heard him.

“I left my phone on silent mode. I didn’t hear it ringing.”

“Oh, I see.” Finnick heaved a sigh of relief. As long as you’re alright. “You called me just now. Is anything the matter?”

“Nothing.” Suddenly, Vivian did not want to talk to Finnick about that thing between Harvey and herself. “I just wanted to ask where you were. You didn’t answer the phone, so I called a few more times.”

“Oh, the launch event just ended. I’m heading back to the company as we speak,” Finnick explained why he had not picked up the phone.

“Fine, you go ahead. I won’t bother you.” With that, Vivian quickly hung up the phone without waiting for Finnick’s response.

With that out of the way, Vivian leaned weakly against the wall. She felt that dealing with Finnick had somehow become quite tiring and bothersome.

Finnick said that the launch event had just ended, so he should still be with Evelyn.

His surroundings had been buzzing with noise just now. Among them, she thought she recognized Evelyn’s voice too. Shaking her head vigorously, Vivian told herself not to think too much about it.

Finnick had reason to believe that Vivian had been speaking in a strange tone before she hung up on him. She can’t be hiding anything from me, can she?

“Finnick,” Evelyn called out to him, interrupting his thoughts. “Mind if I carpool with you to the celebration party later? I didn’t drive here today.”

Since the series of jewellery designs this time had gotten quite popular as soon as they went on the market, in addition to the success of the launch event, Finnor Group had decided to throw the design team a special celebration party at a five-star hotel.

But Finnick had no plans to attend the party that would take place later. “I have some business to take care of at the company. Besides, everyone might not be able to enjoy themselves to the fullest if I go. Why don’t you ride with them?”

“All right,” Evelyn replied. She was somewhat disappointed when she learned that Finnick would not be going, but she also did not want him to think that she was tactless. “Drive safe, will you?”

“Yeah,” Finnick responded to her. After saying goodbye to his other colleagues, he drove back to the office.

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