Never Late, Never Away Chapter 405

When Finnick arrived at the office, the secretary at the door stood up. “Mr. Norton, Mr. Fabian is waiting for you in your office,” she reported.

“Thank you.” That said, perplexity came over him. He was unsure why Fabian would want to see him. He knew for a fact that his nephew had always disliked him.

Fabian was sitting on the sofa in Finnick’s office, waiting for his return. He came looking for Finnick that day because he wanted to talk to his uncle about Vivian.

After the video of Vivian and Evelyn hanging out in the café went viral on the Internet, Finnick had chosen to believe Evelyn. Ever since then, Fabian thought that perhaps Finnick still harbored feelings for Evelyn. After all, Finnick had a heavy crush on the woman before.

Now that Vivian was going through such a major turmoil, yet Finnick chose not to stay by her side, Fabian became more confident in his own judgment. Since Finnick had someone else in mind, he should not be claiming Vivian for himself anymore.

As soon as Finnick entered the door, he saw Fabian with an awfully serious look on his face as the man got lost in his own thoughts. Nevertheless, Finnick paid little attention to his nephew as he wiggled out of his jacket and hung it on the hanger next to him. He then sat down at his desk before speaking to Fabian, “Now, what can I do for you?”

“Since you don’t love Vivian, you should just let her go,” Fabian got straight to the point.

Eyes narrowed, Finnick eyed Fabian dangerously, his voice icy cold as he spoke, “What did you say?”

Fabian levelled his gaze at Finnick without fear. “She’s currently in the hospital, but apparently you still have the peace of mind to hang around in the office. Isn’t that enough to explain the problem? Fabian, since you-”

“Why is she in the hospital?” Finnick, immediately anxious when he got wind that Vivian was taken to the hospital, interrupted Fabian.

“Don’t you know?” Fabian got a little confused by Finnick’s question. “When I was there, I saw Vivian calling you so many times. Didn’t she tell you what happened today?” Fabian was not sure if Finnick truly knew nothing about it or if he was playing the fool.

It then struck Finnick. That explains it. That was why Vivian sounded strange on the phone just now. She’s really hiding something!

“Tell me, what exactly happened today?” Finnick snapped, staring at Fabian.

Fabian decided that the anxious look on Finnick’s face did not seem to be a product of pretense, so he gave in and informed his uncle about the incident that had just occurred.

“This morning, Emma gate-crashed Ashley’s funeral. Not only did she harm Vivian, but she also announced that Vivian isn’t Harvey’s biological daughter. They went do a paternity test after that and found out that Vivian is, indeed, not Harvey’s daughter, after all. Ms. Rachel fainted from the overwhelming stress, and now Vivian’s taking care of her in the hospital.”

Following that, Finnick asked for the hospital’s address, put on his jacket right away, and sprinted towards the door.

At the doorway, Finnick paused. He whipped his head and, to his rival, he announced, “I love Vivian, so don’t you get any ideas. Besides, you don’t stand a chance!” After that, Finnick left the office.

Fabian clenched his fists when he heard that. Something felt off about the situation. He had come here to declare war, so why did it feel like he had merely fulfilled the role of the messenger?

On the way to the hospital, Finnick was filled with thoughts about what Fabian had just told him. So many things happened that day. Thus, Vivian must be under a lot of pressure now, and he ought to be by her side.

So why didn’t she tell me any of these things on the phone just now? Why do I have to find out from Fabian, of all people? As he thought about it, apart from worrying about Vivian, there was also a hint of frustration. Is it possible that Vivian sees me as inferior to Fabian now?

Finnick sped all the way to the hospital. When he reached the place, he asked a nurse for directions to Rachel’s room and got there soon after.

Initially, Finnick intended to have a good talk with Vivian and get to the bottom of this. However, after opening the door, he stopped in his tracks when he realized what was happening in the ward.

At that moment, Vivian had fallen asleep at Rachel’s bedside.

Finnick then tiptoed over and crouched down front of Vivian. He had been angry at her a moment ago, but when he saw the exhaustion on her face, all his anger dissipated, leaving only concern for her wellbeing. You’ve been through so much today. You must be really tired, Vivian.

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