Never Late, Never Away Chapter 406

When Finnick saw the part of Vivian’s exposed arm still wrapped in gauze, his face fell sullen. Vivian had pleaded on Emma’s behalf. That was the reason Finnick allowed her to return from abroad in the first place. Unfortunately, Emma showed no sign of repentance at all!

Her brows were still frowning, even in sleep, as though she could not get any peace even when she was not awake. Finnick’s heart ached for her as he stroked her cheek.

Right then, Vivian stirred from her sleep when she felt a chill on her face. She opened her eyes to see Finnick in front of her.

Having just woken up from a short nap, it took a while for Vivian to snap out of her daze. Then, she remembered that she was currently in the hospital.

“Why are you here?” Vivian said, a little surprised by Finnick’s presence.

Finnick pointing at Rachel, the patient who was sleeping on the bed. He hooked an arm around Vivian’s uninjured arm and accompanied her out of the ward.

“Vivian, why didn’t you tell me over the phone that something like this had happened?” Finnick gently asked Vivian after they exited the ward.

Vivian deflected the question with one of her own. “Weren’t you at the launch event? Why are you here?”

Somehow, Finnick could understand where she was coming from. The launch event was broadcasted live online, so she’s probably watched it on her phone. Besides, she didn’t tell me what happened this morning, so I think she’s angry at me…

“Vivian, Evelyn and I attended the launch event together because that’s part of our job. Don’t overthink it, okay?” Finnick explained in a gentle tone, comforting her.

“I know,” Vivian replied curtly. She was aware that she had no reason to be angry. Ultimately, she could not possibly ban Finnick from seeing that woman.

Finnick assumed Vivian had finally thought things through, so he changed the subject. “Your arm… does it still hurt?”

“It’s getting better,” Vivian said. She felt slightly better when she noticed the pressing concern on Finnick’s face. Then, she gave him a detailed account of everything that happened that day.

Over at Norton Corporation, at Mark’s office.

Sitting in front of the computer, Mark could only watch as the company’s stocks continued to drop. Furious, he dropped the pen which he had been holding onto the ground.

Finnor Group had become increasingly popular recently, with its range of products getting wider and wider, so much so that it had managed to overlap with Norton Corporation in many business sectors, which indirectly caused Norton Corporation to lose profits.

Is Finnick deliberately challenging me now? Damn it. I shouldn’t have been so merciful to him in the past! Knock. Knock. Knock.

Came a series of cautious knocks on the door.

“What now!” he roared.

His assistant did not dare to walk into his office upon hearing Mark’s angry tone and instead chose to stand by the doorway to convey a message. “Mr. Norton, you have a visitor.”

“Not now! Tell them I’m busy!” Mark was not in the mood to see anyone at the moment, not even if the president of the country had come knocking.

“Mr. Norton, there’s a beautiful lady who wants to have a word with you. She says her name is-”

“I said not now! Do you hear me?” Mark rudely interrupted his assistant. Who cares how she looks like! Do I have to meet the woman just because she’s pretty? Does Harry want to lose his job?

“I didn’t think you’re so busy, Mr. Norton.” It was a woman’s voice, taunting him from outside the door. “Are you sure you don’t even have time to see me?” As she said that, the woman strode into Mark’s office, ignoring Harry’s objection.

Mark’s eyes widened when he realized who she was. He shot up from his desk. “How did you come back?”

“Why, Mr. Norton. Am I not welcomed here?” Unlike Mark, who was obviously panicking, the woman who entered his office was calm and confident. She sat down on his sofa, making herself comfortable.

“What are you-” Mark stopped mid-sentence when he realized his assistant was still hanging around. He turned to give his order, “You can get back to work now.”

The assistant, Harry, had been curious to know the beautiful visitor’s identity, particularly why Mark seemed so surprised when she saw her. She could be Mr. Norton’s mistress, he thought. But he had been working under Mark for too long not to know when he was not wanted and what he should not meddle in, especially when Mark was threatening to blow a fuse.

Upon receiving the order, Harry blurted out, “Yes, sir!” Then, he swiftly left the scene.

Mark waited until Harry was gone before he rushed to the door. He looked around, ensuring that there were no eavesdroppers before he quickly shut the door. And then, nervously, he approached the woman. “Evelyn, when did you come back?”

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