Never Late, Never Away Chapter 407

He knew that except for Evelyn, no other woman would be so daring to walk right in and sat there at his sofa.

She was wearing a white dress, one that outlined her slender figure. A pair of sunglasses with large lenses perched on her delicate features, covering most of her face. If Mark had not looked closely, he might not have recognized her at first glance.

“A while ago,” Evelyn replied. “Don’t you watch the news, Mr. Norton?”

“What news?” Mark had been so busy dealing with company matters lately, he literally had no time to catch up on the news.

Evelyn eyed Mark in disbelief before shaking her head, chuckling to herself. Such a major uproar has occurred, and you know nothing about it. You’re lagging behind the times, old man, if you keep refusing to stay in the loop. No wonder you’re no match for Finnick.

He might be a useless old fool, but… to her, he was an indispensable pawn in her plot.

Without answering Mark’s question, Evelyn rose from the sofa and surveyed his office. “I say, Mr. Norton, what a great office you’re got here. Despite the thrills and risks involved in the previous incident, you seemed to have gotten what you wanted.”

When Mark heard Evelyn mention the past, panic flashed across his face. Not wanting Evelyn to beat around the bush, he cut to the chase, “Why did you come back? Didn’t you promise me that you’ll never return?”

Evelyn sneered when she detected the nervousness and fear that had crossed the man’s face. “You’re the mole of the national soccer team, aren’t you? What are you afraid of? Are you finally feeling guilty now?”

“Evelyn, I’m warning you. Don’t forget that you’re also involved in that case. If this were to leak out to the public, both of us are done for,” Mark snapped at her. He did not like that Evelyn was able to remain composed while he felt the complete opposite.

He had a bad feeling about this. Compared to Evelyn as a young girl, Evelyn as an adult was craftier and more mature. She had evolved into a woman beyond his control and manipulation.

“Don’t get mad, Mr. Norton. Relax. No one will find out anything about what happened last time.” Evelyn moved closer to Mark bearing a charming smile, but her tone signified impending danger. “Moreover, I come to you today hoping that we could work together again.”

“Work together?” Mark stared dubiously at Evelyn as he slipped into a defensive mode. “What do you mean by that?”

“I, for one, know that while you’re in charge of Norton Corporation now, you have reason to believe that this position lacks security. I also happen to know that Finnick had withdrawn some of the shares lately. I can help you get all of Norton Corporation’s shares back so that you’ll have absolute control over them. What do you think?”

“And why would you be so kind to do that?” Mark might have been tempted after hearing Evelyn’s proposal, but he had not completely lost his mind. He was sceptical about her and would not easily buy into her kindness. “Moreover, what can you do to help me get my shares back?”

“Of course, I’m not helping you for free.” A sly smile appeared on Evelyn’s face. “What you want is Norton Corporation’s shares, and what I want – is Vivian’s life! As for my methods, you’ll find out when the time comes.”

“You want to kill off Vivian?” Mark narrowed his eyes at her, his wits quickly catching on to the underlying message. He added, albeit vaguely, “It’s too risky. I’m not doing it.”

“Hey… nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Evelyn persuaded Mark. “Besides, I don’t really want her dead. I just want to teach her a little lesson. Since she had the audacity to compete with me for what’s mine, I’ll let her know that there’s always a price to pay.”

“Really?” Mark had witnessed Evelyn’s ruthlessness back then. At that moment, he still had reservations about her.

“Of course, I just want to get back what’s supposed to be mine. If anything happens that arouses the police, what good will I gain from that?”

After considering Evelyn’s offer and taking Finnor Group’s recent suppression of Norton Corporation into account, Mark nodded, agreeing to her terms. “Alright, what do you want me to do?”

Evelyn smiled triumphantly, now that Mark had taken her up on her offer.

“You see, all you need to do is…” Evelyn whispered in Mark’s ear. A plot to sabotage Finnick and Vivian had begun to take shape.

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