Never Late, Never Away Chapter 41

“What’s it about?” Finnick was extremely calm. Not curious about what was in the envelope, he merely threw a question at Fabian.

Not knowing how to explain, Fabian only gave a vague answer. “I heard that you have a woman now?”

He intended to say it in a light-hearted manner. In reality, when he first heard about it, he was shocked.

He knew that Finnick never displayed any interest in women. His father, Mark, even suspected that the car accident ten years ago had not only robbed him of his legs, but also of his ability in bed.

It was only until Finnick’s marriage that they realized otherwise. What shocked Fabian more was that Finnick was actually involved with Vivian!

When Finnick heard what Fabian said, he raised his eyebrows. “You’re very knowledgeable about my matters, huh?”

Although it was just a casual statement, Finnick’s voice lowered considerably. Feeling pressured, Fabian broke out into a cold sweat.

“It’s a coincidence.” Fabian forced himself to smile. “Previously, my business partner, Mr. Hark, offended your woman. He told me about it afterwards.”

When Fabian mentioned what happened at Q City, a cold glint flashed across Finnick’s eyes. “So?”

Finnick already deduced that Fabian met him today to talk about Vivian.

Although Finnick never deliberately concealed his relationship from Fabian, he seemed to have misunderstood that Vivian was Finnick’s mistress.

“Well…” Fabian was breaking out in cold sweat. However, he steeled himself and pressed on, “That woman is working in my magazine company. Coincidentally, I got my hands on some information on her which I think you ought to know.”

As he spoke, his gaze landed on the envelope on the table.

So the envelope contains something related to Vivian.

After a moment of contemplation, Finnick raised his hand and opened the envelope.

However, when he saw what was inside the envelope, a murderous glint flashed across Finnick’s eyes.

Fabian had been observing Finnick’s face and he was not surprised when he captured that slight change in Finnick’s expression.

Although she’s just Finnick’s mistress, it’s obvious that she’s important to him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dealt with Mr. Hark like that.

Speaking of which, Vivian is such an impressive woman, huh? She made me fall heads over heels for her back then. Now, she can even fool Uncle Finnick, who had no interest in women before.

But, after I reveal her true colors today, she won’t be able to pretend anymore!

Fabian was filled with a desire for revenge. However, he was reluctant to admit that actually, he just did not want to see Vivian and Finnick being entangled in a relationship.


After seeing what was in the envelope, Finnick slammed it onto the table, whirled around and said to the waiter, “Do have a lighter?”

Fabian was stunned.

A lighter?

But Uncle Finnick doesn’t smoke at all.

The waiter quickly passed him a lighter. Before Fabian could react, Finnick flicked the lighter and burned the envelope.

“Uncle Finnick, what are you doing?” Shocked, Fabian tried to stop him. When he raised his head, his eyes met Finnick’s cold gaze.

Instantly, he felt shivers run down his spine.

What a petrifying gaze.

“Why? Don’t you just want me to take a look at it?” A cold smirk played on Finnick’s lips, while his tone was as frosty as his expression. “Now that I’ve looked at it, there’s no problem if I burn it, right?”

What a joke.

Although the photo didn’t capture any sensitive body parts, she’s still my woman. No one can just look at her like that.

Staring at Finnick, Fabian could not help but swallow his saliva and lower his head. “Nope.”

With the photo enclosed inside, the envelope burnt into ashes.

Finnick tossed the lighter aside and leaned against his wheelchair. His cold gaze landed on Fabian as he interrogated, “Tell me, who gave you this photo?”

Fabian raised his head in surprise. Staring at Finnick, he could barely believe what he just heard. “Uncle Finnick, don’t you want to know who she took the photo with and why such a photo exists?”

Shooting Fabian a brooding look, Finnick replied in a deep voice, “Why must I ask? I know very well what kind of person my woman is.”

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