Never Late, Never Away Chapter 410

“I’m warning you, Evelyn. Don’t do this!” Vivian was so shaken up that her voice was trembling. “Tell them to leave!”

“Now, now. I’ve gone through a lot of trouble to hire them. They haven’t even started yet, so I can’t possibly let them go, can I?” Evelyn, eyes filled with malice and viciousness, glared daggers at Vivian. “Everything I’ve done to you just now, do you think it’s all a scare? You said Finnick likes you, is that right? Then we’ll see, Vivian, if Finnick still likes you even after you lose both your reputation and innocence!”

“How dare you do such a thing? Let me go at once!” Vivian shouted in panic when she spotted the cruel look that fell on Evelyn’s face. “Evelyn, Finnick will never forgive you when he finds out about this!”

“Why won’t I dare to?” Evelyn could not care less about Vivian’s threat. She took out a camera from her bag and paraded the item in front of Vivian. “Not only do I dare to do it to a good-for-nothing like you, but I’ll also be taking photos of the whole process and upload them online later. When that happens, I wonder if you’ll still have the will to live or the nerve to stay with Finnick!

“Enjoy while it lasts. Rest assured, I’ll be in charge of recording everything for you.” After Evelyn said that, she decided she had had enough talk. She stepped back and waved her hand at the four beggars, giving them the signal. “She’s all yours for today. Don’t let me down.”

When the beggars first laid eyes on Vivian, they could not bear it much longer. Initially, they had thought their prey would not be much of a looker, but she turned out to be quite a beauty.

What a pleasant surprise! Not only do we get paid, but we also get a beautiful girl at our disposal. Fate is really kind to us today.

The four beggars rubbed their hands together and sniggered amongst themselves as they made their way towards Vivian.

They approached Vivian with lewd grins on their faces, revealing their yellowish teeth. Vivian shifted backward, fear taking over her. “Leave me alone! Don’t you come close! Stay away!”

At the same time, Evelyn turned on the camera and aimed at the five of them. She said to the beggars, “If I like what I see today, I’ll double your pay. I promise that all of you will be set for life, and you’ll never have to beg on the streets again.”

The four only got more excited, motivated by Evelyn’s instruction. They stepped forward and surrounded Vivian at once. One began touching Vivian’s face, and the feeling thrilled him even more that he almost drooled. “Oh gosh, her skin is so fine! I’m telling ya, we’re in luck today!”

“Haha, who’s going first? Or shall we do it together?” One suggested sinisterly.

“We’ll all go for it. We have been through so much together, so of course, we have to share the reward,” another one proposed.

“Just look at her. She’s crying so much, and now she’s got me itching!” the third member echoed.

“Guess that means it’s about time.” One man grabbed hold of Vivian’s arms aggressively as he reached over to remove her jacket.

Since one of them had made a move, the other three also hurled themselves at Vivian, tugging at her clothes.

“No! Get away from me!” Vivian shrieked in agony. The four pairs of arms clinging onto her were utterly repulsive, making her feel nauseous. She could not stop retching. “Get lost! Don’t touch me!”

“Evelyn, I hate you! You tell them to stay away! Get off of me!” Vivian yelled in despair, her voice rough from all the straining. She tried to defend herself with everything she could muster, but it was all in vain.

“Hoho.” Ignoring Vivian’s calls for help, the beggars kept clawing at her clothes. Keep screaming, little missy. We haven’t felt a woman in years! You’re only gonna make it so much better for us! What fun! We’ll enjoy this!

“Get off me, you scumbags! Don’t touch me!” Vivian struggled, trying to fight them off, but with her hands and feet tied up, she was no match for the four men at all. Very soon, her jacket was taken off.

The removal of the jacket revealed Vivian’s exquisite figure in a sleeveless top. The eyes that could not stop staring became even more frantic as the men swallowed hard.

“Pretty missy, it’s no use shouting. You’re in the middle of nowhere. No one will hear you,” one of them said and then reached a hand out to caress her skin.

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