Never Late, Never Away Chapter 411

“That’s right. Be a good girl for us, and perhaps we might let you off easy,” the man drooled disgustingly.

God damn, I’ve been begging on the streets for years. Hence, survival had always been the only thing in my mind, let alone a woman. Who knew I’d encounter such a beautiful woman today. I could die in peace if it were my last day today.

“Aaah!” The beggar retracted his hands and noticed a bite mark that was covered in blood. He instantly slapped Vivian and yelled, “How dare you bite me, b*tch! I’ll take it that you like to play rough! So brace yourself because I won’t hold back!”

The corner of Vivian’s lips bled after she suffered the slap. She knew she was doomed as she could not overpower the four men. So, she began to beg for mercy when she heard those words, “Please let me go, I beg of you! How much did she pay you to do this? I’ll double the price! No, I’ll triple it! Please, you can name the price as long as you let me go…”

“Look who’s begging now… Well, it’s too late!” The four men had already lost their minds thus could not care less about her cries and pleads. “We don’t want the money anymore. We only want you!”

The men picked Vivian up and threw her against the ground before rushing over to restraint her limbs. One of them stretched out his hand to take off the tank top that Vivian was wearing.

“No! Let go of me, you b*stards! Let go of me!” Vivian croaked. Her voice was hoarse, and she had no energy left in her. Yet, she continued to struggle and shout.

She tried to curl herself into a ball to avoid the hands that reached out to grab her.

I can’t let them do this to me. Absolutely not! It took me so long before I could move on from my past. I will not allow myself to relive my dark past again! Finnick, where are you? I need you! Please save me, Finnick. I don’t want to go through this!

Vivian was getting weaker as she could no longer defend herself. Will I be insulted by these men today? No, I refuse to! I’d rather choose death!

However, there was no way to escape as she was heavily pinned down. Ironically, even death had seemed impossible under such circumstances. Vivian’s heart was filled with despair as she cried out in her heart. Who can save me now?

Meanwhile, Evelyn smiled in satisfaction as she stood by the side, watching Vivian struggle while recording the entire scene with her camera. Vivian’s screams were music to her ears as they made her very happy.

Vivian, this is the punishment that you deserve! How could you have the audacity to take what’s mine? Do you have a death wish? Let’s see if Finnick would still like you when he realized you’re filthy!

Evelyn could not resist herself but let out an evil laugh at that thought.

Whatever that’s mine will forever be mine. No one will take it away from my grasp!

At this moment…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Loud bangs were coming from outside of the warehouse.

The men shifted their attention from Vivian towards the direction of the commotion. Their expression hardened and trembled as they looked at one another. “Is that the police?” One asked in a hushed tone.

The remaining men froze and stopped tearing Vivian’s top upon hearing his words. They then looked in the direction of the warehouse entrance in trepidation.

“Did someone call the cops? Are we going to jail?” Another man asked in fear.

The men have committed many terrible deeds during their time on the streets. Yet, they felt a sense of guilt as they have never committed something as big as this. Fear overcame them as their legs wobbled in fear. The aggressiveness they had earlier had instantly disappeared.

Evelyn also looked at the warehouse entrance nervously as she held the camera tightly in her hands. I planned the entire thing in secret. No one except Mark and myself could have known about this, let alone called the cops. So, who was it outside?

“Help! Help me! Someone help me, please!” Vivian saw a glimmer of hope as she seized the opportunity to shout with all of her last strength to seek help. She believed that she had a chance to escape regardless of whoever was outside that door.

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