Never Late, Never Away Chapter 412

It seemed that the mysterious person heard Vivian’s cry for help as the commotion became even more desperate on the other side of the door.

Seeing that, Evelyn was furious as she stepped forward and slapped Vivian. “Hurry up and cover her mouth!” She ordered the four men.

At the same time, the men were in a panic mess as they quickly picked up Vivian’s torn jacket and stuffed it into her mouth after hearing Evelyn’s orders.

At that moment, the warehouse door burst open with a loud bang, and a man quickly rushed in.

The four beggars were startled when they heard the loud noise. They froze in their tracks and turned to look.

As soon as one of the beggars turned his head, his face took a punch. He fell back to the ground as blood trickled from his nose before he could register what was going on.

Vivian’s eyes sparkled with hope when she saw someone came to her rescue. The man rushed to Vivian as he took out the gag from her mouth and hid her behind him.

“Benedict,” Vivian called out gratefully. “Please get me out of here, I beg of you! Please!”

Although Benedict was Evelyn’s elder brother, Vivian believed that he came to save her instead of harming her.

Benedict instantly knew what had happened before he arrived when he glanced at the four men and Vivian’s dishevelled state.

He glared at Evelyn before kicking one of the men who stood in the front among the group.

The four men backed away timidly when they witnessed Benedict’s combat skills. “We have nothing to do with this! It was all her. She made us do it! It has nothing to do with us!”

“Yeah, she paid us to do this. We didn’t volunteer for this! Please let us go. We don’t want to go to jail!” The four men pleaded as they pointed at Evelyn. “Please let us go.”

“Scram!” Benedict roared. It’s a shame that I let them off so lightly, but I can’t fight them off alone if they decided to join forces against me. I’m not going to risk putting Vivian in danger again.

Fortunately, the men feared Benedict thus did not go against his orders. Heeding to his instructions, they disappeared in a flash.

Benedict sighed in relief when he saw the men leave in a dash. He then turned to look at Vivian. At that point, Benedict’s eyes were filled with distress when he saw Vivian’s state. Her face was drenched in tears while her clothes were tattered into pieces.

“It’s okay now. They are gone. Everything’s okay.” He comforted as he placed his coat around Vivian.

Vivian glanced at Benedict gratefully when he comforted her. She was incredibly thankful that he arrived in time. Otherwise, Vivian could not imagine what would become of her. She would not be able to continue living her life if it happened.

“Thank you, Benedict. Thank you so much, I…” Vivian repeated in gratitude as tears began to pour from her eyes. The incident earlier had frightened her so much that it would send her trembling at the thought of it.

He patted Vivian lightly before turning to Evelyn in anger.

“Ben, I…” She looked away in panic as she dared not meet her brother’s eyes. Why did he come? How could he possibly know about my plan?

Benedict’s gaze went cold when he saw his sister.

Slap!Benedict went forward and slapped Evelyn.

“How could you do such a thing? You’re crossing the line! Thank God I came in time. Otherwise, could you imagine the consequences your action would lead to?”

Evelyn held her face as she stared at Benedict in disbelief. My parents died when I was a young child. Thus, Ben took care of me ever since. He had always allowed me to do things my way. Even when Ben was mad at me, he would merely rebuke me and never gave me any physical punishment. Yet, he slapped me for Vivian’s sake! How could he?

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