Never Late, Never Away Chapter 413

Evelyn’s hatred towards Vivian instantly intensified.

“Ben, how could you slap me?” Evelyn cried out. “You’ve never beaten me since I was a child, and now you’re doing this because of an outsider!”

“Shouldn’t I?” Benedict replied furiously. “I’ve pampered you way too much over the years. Thus, you’re capable of hiring someone to commit a crime. Are you still the Evelyn I used to know?”

He was heartbroken. I always knew Evelyn was a wayward girl. Yet, I was surprised to find her committing such a cruel thing after many years of not meeting her!

Evelyn felt wrong when she heard Benedict reprimanding her in such a manner. “This isn’t my fault. It’s Vivian’s fault! How could she take Finnick away from me? None of this would have happened if she hadn’t married Finnick!” Evelyn shouted.

“Evelyn,” Benedict was speechless when he heard her words. “Vivian and Finnick are married. They’re a lawfully wedded couple. Therefore, you shouldn’t interfere with their marriage. Do you want to be a homewrecker in the eyes of the public?”

“I don’t care! Finnick’s mine, and mine alone!” Evelyn exclaimed loudly. “She has no right to be with Finnick. I met him first, so only I can be with him!”

Evelyn held Benedict’s arm with pleading eyes. “Ben, can’t you just pretend you didn’t see anything? Finnick won’t want her once he found out Vivian was tainted. Then, he’ll be with me. Please, Ben, just…”

Benedict could no longer tolerate Evelyn’s behavior as he raised his hands and slapped her once again. “How could you even think of doing this? I always knew you were domineering, but never would I have imagined you to become someone so vicious!”

“Ben!” Evelyn broke down when Benedict slapped her the second time. “How could you say that I’m vicious and slapped me for her sake?” She pointed at Vivian.

Noticing a brick laying on the ground, Evelyn quickly picked it up, bringing it in Vivian’s direction. Unfortunately, Benedict could not stop Evelyn in time as he did not expect her sudden action.

Vivian hurriedly turned her head when she saw the brick flying towards her. However, her forehead came in contact with the corner of the brick and started to bleed.

“Are you okay?” Benedict rushed to Vivian to examine the wound. He realized a small area of her forehead was skinned as blood streamed endlessly from it.

Vivian shook her head weakly. She felt as if her head was going to explode in pain from any slight movement. At that, she furrowed her eyebrows and dared not move an inch.

She was already physically and mentally exhausted from dealing with the beggars. In addition to that, she felt even weaker after Evelyn smashed her with a brick. At that moment, she could vaguely feel the blood flowing out of her body as her vision started to lose focus.

Benedict noticed Vivian’s pained expression as he hurriedly carried her to the car. “Stay with me, okay? I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“I’ll deal with you once this is over!” Benedict shouted at Evelyn before he left the warehouse with Vivian in his arms.

“Aaarrggggh!” Evelyn shouted angrily as she watched them leave the warehouse. “Vivian, this is all your fault! If it wasn’t for you, Finnick would still be mine! If it wasn’t for you, Ben wouldn’t have treated me that way! He loved me the most since I was a child. It’s all your fault! I hate you!” Evelyn’s voice echoed in the empty warehouse. She wiped her tears with her arms and clenched her fists tightly as a wave of hatred churned within her heart.

You got lucky, Vivian. But I swear this will be the last time someone came to your aid!

In the meantime, Vivian could dazedly feel herself resting in a warm embrace. A pair of steady arms were holding her, making her feel at ease. It was as if someone had built a harbor that kept her safe and secure.

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