Never Late, Never Away Chapter 415

Mark was furious at Finnick’s tone as he stood up and roared, “Finnick, is this how you should treat me? I am your brother, after all.”

“Noah, you know what to do.” Finnick did not intend to continue the conversation with Mark. Thus, he ordered Noah to send him away.

“Yes, president.” Noah was already displeased with Mark’s attitude and behavior from the start. However, he did not step forward to stop him as he was Finnick’s older brother and the head of Norton Corporation. Hence, he was overjoyed and immediately stepped forward as soon as Finnick had given him orders. “Mr. Norton, this way please.”

“Hmph! How dare you drive me away? I promise you’ll regret this.” Mark pointed at Finnick as he stood still.

“Noah!” Finnick was running out of patience as he thought Mark deliberately came to bother him. Hence, he raised his voice and called out Noah’s name.

Noah instantly understood Finnick as he stepped forward and began to drag Mark out of the office. “Mr. Norton, it’s better if you leave on your own. Things would get ugly if I called security.”

Mark did not expect himself to be asked to leave. Thus, he was instantly filled with humiliation and anger. “Finnick, don’t you care about your wife anymore?”

Finnick instantly signalled Noah to let go of Mark as he rushed to him and asked, “What do you mean? What did you do to Vivian?”

Mark smoothened his suit that Noah wrinkled and said slowly, “Oh, so now you don’t want me to leave?”

“Tell me what you did to her!” Finnick grabbed his tie, and his eyes lit up in anger. “I’m warning you – I won’t let you off if anything happens to Vivian!”

Mark panted heavily in embarrassment as he forcefully pulled away from Finnick’s grip. However, he was filled with pride to see Finnick angry. He was pleased to know that he had successfully set Finnick into an irritated state.

“Easy there, I still have something to show you,” He said while taking out his phone to show Finnick a video clip.

“No! Let go, you b*stards! Let go of me!” Vivian’s heart-breaking cry was heard as soon as he played the video clip.

“Mrs. Norton!” Noah stepped forward anxiously when he heard Vivian’s voice. He was curious about the content of the video.

As for Finnick, he was standing right beside Mark. Hence, he could see the video clip clearly.

He saw Vivian looking at the people in front of her in terror with her limbs all tied up. A few men, dressed as beggars, approached her with a lewd smile. Then, they began to tear her clothes while Vivian cried and struggled in misery.

Then, the video clip came to an abrupt end. It stopped at Vivian’s teary face.

The veins on Finnick’s body popped in anger as he punched Mark when he saw the despaired look on Vivian’s face. “What did you do her? Where is she now?”

Mark staggered to the ground and wiped his left cheek that was now stained with blood.

A vicious look flashed before his eyes as he slowly got up from the ground. He stared at Finnick in detest and said, “If you want to save Vivian, do as I tell you.”

“What do you want!” He clenched his fists to control himself from punching Mark.

“It’s simple. I want you to release all of the client’s information under your company into the Internet.” Mark’s eyes glinted in excitement. “Once you’ve done that, I will release Vivian.”

“You’d better remember what you’ve promised. If I don’t see Vivian, I’ll make you pay a bigger price than you can bear,” Finnick warned dangerously. “Noah, go and do exactly as he said.”

“We can’t do that, Mr. Norton!” Noah hurriedly stopped him. “You’d completely lose your credibility if you published our client’s information to the public. You wouldn’t be able to survive in the financial industry in the future.”

“Do as I said now!” Finnick ignored Noah’s words as he turned and shouted at him, “Are you not going to obey me?”

“But, Mr. Norton…”


“Yes.” Noah realized how persistent he was and had no choice but to do as he was told.

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