Never Late, Never Away Chapter 416

After a moment, Noah returned and said to Finnick, “Mr. Norton, the information of all the clients of Finnor Group have been posted online.”

Mark was shocked at the latter’s actions upon hearing that.

He had never planned to let Finnick publicize the clients’ information. After all, this was basically destroying Finnor Group, and it would cut off Finnick’s path of retreat in the finance industry. Thus, initially, he wasn’t sure that the latter would agree at all.

That was why originally, Mark only planned to ask Finnick to transfer Norton Corporation’s shares to him. However, after being beaten up by the latter, he flew into a fit of rage and suggested such a plan.

Mark didn’t expect Finnick to be so fond of Vivian that the latter would agree without any hesitation, regardless of all his hard work over the years.

Hmph! You brought this on yourself, Finnick. You can’t blame me just because you chose to ruin your own future for a woman.

Meanwhile, a huge commotion erupted online all because Finnor Group had disclosed their clients’ information.

What the heck! What’s happening? Did Finnor Group’s computers get hacked?

Finnor Group really lacks credibility. How can they leak the information of so many clients?

Who would dare to collaborate with them now? They’re just like a bomb that could go off anytime.

I can’t be this unlucky, right? Our company’s involved too. We’re going to suffer a great loss! I can just forget about my bonus now. Finnick Norton, you’ve got to pay for my loss…

Logically speaking, these pieces of top-secret information shouldn’t be leaked. Is it possible that there’s a mole within the Finnor Group?

It doesn’t matter if there’s a mole. All I know is that Finnor Group is doomed. They’re obviously going to go bankrupt soon.

Is Mr. Norton’s image as the domineering president going to crumble soon? He wouldn’t go broke, would he?

Netizens offered many suggestions but there was one thing for sure – Finnor Group was in a huge crisis. It wasn’t something that could be solved easily and was almost equivalent to the end of the company.

“You saw it yourself. I’ve done everything just like you asked.” Finnick glared at Mark and said in anger, “Where is Vivian? Hurry up and let her go now!”

The latter couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw his brother disclose the clients’ information with his own eyes. This is like hitting two birds with one stone!

People at Norton Corporation would definitely not want to stand by Finnick’s side now that there’s such a crisis of confidence. The old man wouldn’t be able to say anything about it anymore. Finnor Group’s business will definitely plummet and it will no longer be a threat to Norton Corporation and me.

Mark wanted to applause himself as he felt that it was a wise decision.

At the thought of his brother doing something so stupid just for a woman, he couldn’t help but mock, “Finnick, is doing all these really worth it just for a woman? I really didn’t expect someone from the Norton family to be so crazy.”

“Quit blabbering bulls**t. Where’s Vivian?” All Finnick wanted to do at the moment was to give Mark a good beating.

“She’s in ward 307 of the General Hospital. Go look for her yourself.” The latter saw the anger in his eyes and turned to leave after revealing the hospital’s address. Mark knew that he wouldn’t be able to ask for anything else even if he stayed longer.

“Don’t worry, Finnick. I wouldn’t chase you out of our family even if you’ve become worthless in the future. It’s just taking care of another good-for-nothing. I don’t mind spending the money at all. Hahaha…” Not wanting to leave just like that, Mark added an arrogant remark before finally leaving.

Who knew that it would be so easy to deal with you, Finnick? I’ll just see what you’d do now that you have Vivian as your kryptonite.

Upon hearing that, Finnick clenched his fists tightly while Noah resisted going up to Mark and beating him up.

“The important thing now is finding Vivian.” The former watched as Mark left and stopped the latter from doing anything rash.

“Yes, Mr. Norton.” Noah knew what mattered more now, and he quickly added, “I’ll get the car ready to head to the hospital.”

“No need. The clients’ information was leaked. Thus, it wouldn’t take long for the company to be in chaos. You should stay here and handle the company matters.”

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