Never Late, Never Away Chapter 417

“But will you be alright yourself?” Noah was worried that it would be dangerous for Finnick to drive himself now as the latter must be feeling much angrier than he was.

“Yes. Give me the car keys.”

“Alright.” He understood that someone had to be at the company to handle the crisis as well.

Finnick immediately left his office after he got the car keys.

The scene from the video clip kept replaying in his mind as he drove to the hospital and the despaired look on Vivian’s face haunted him. He couldn’t pay attention while he drove as all he could see at that moment was his wife screaming and struggling.

A sudden bang sounded, and it brought Finnick back to reality. He finally realized what had happened after shaking his head a little.

It turned out that the traffic lights had turned red, and the car in front had stopped. Yet, he wasn’t paying attention and ended up crashing into the rear of the car.

“Hey! Are you blind? Do you even know how to drive?” the driver from the car in front shouted, and it was obvious that he wasn’t going to let this matter off so easily.

Finnick didn’t want to deal with the hassle for long, so he took out his wallet and said, “How much is it? I’ll pay for it.”

“You think you’re all that just because you have money? I want to settle things with you right here, right now. Look at what you did to my car!”

“How much is it?” the former asked again, ignoring what the man had just said.

At the sight of the expression in Finnick’s eyes, the man didn’t dare to say anything else anymore. His eyes were so cold, but they were also full of fury, and it made anyone who looked into them shudder.

“F-Five thousand!” The man stuttered and said something outrageously greedy.

After removing all the money from his wallet, the former got into his car and left.

He knew that he was in the wrong but he was burning with so much rage that he wasn’t in the mood to apologize at all. He can just keep the extra money as compensation for everything.

After that, Finnick stopped himself from thinking too much again and drove at high speed to the hospital.

Once he arrived, he instantly rushed to ward 307. He bumped into a few people on his way, but he didn’t even manage to apologize as all he wanted to do was meet Vivian as soon as he could.

However, when he was finally outside the ward, he pulled back his hand that was on the door’s handle. Finnick didn’t dare to enter the ward all of a sudden.

I wasn’t by Vivian’s side when she got hurt previously, and I wasn’t with her this time as well. I… I promised her that I would protect her. But I never managed to do it even once. How am I supposed to face her now?

He peeked into the room through the small window on the door and saw Vivian laying on the bed. Her eyes were shut tight and her face was pale as if she was still in a coma.

Heartache and guilt stirred in his heart when he noticed the gauze wrapped around her head. At the same time, he swore in his heart that he would definitely go after Mark for this.

“You’re here, Finnick.” Evelyn, who was in the ward, saw him and walked out to greet him.

Finnick took a glance at her and went back to staring at Vivian. “How is she doing now?”

When the woman saw that Finnick only had his eyes on his wife, she lowered her head and hatred flashed across her eyes for a brief moment. Yet, when she looked up again, sorrow was written all over her face.

“Her injuries are quite serious. She’d already slipped into a coma by the time Ben and I found her.”

“Benedict? How did you guys find her?” Finnick instantly turned to Evelyn upon hearing that, his eyes full of doubt and confusion.

A sense of guilt rose in the latter’s chest from being stared at, and she quickly looked away. “Ben and I were supposed to go get lunch together today. But when we passed by the subway station, we coincidentally saw Vivian being carried into a car by two men wearing masks.

“We immediately followed the car in a moment of panic and forgot to tell you about it. Anyway, we followed them all the way to the suburbs, but after taking a turn, the car disappeared. Both of us got down from our car and searched for a long time before finding the car parked beside an abandoned warehouse.

“Ben and I were worried that something dangerous could’ve happened to Vivian, so we rushed in. However, there wasn’t anyone else in there once we got in. All we saw was Vivian who had fainted on the ground. And she… She looked like she had been…”

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