Never Late, Never Away Chapter 418

“Had been what?” Finnick raised his tone when Evelyn was hesitant with her words. He had a bad feeling about it and hoped that it wasn’t like what he was imagining.

But the woman didn’t continue. “Just stop asking, Finnick. Be thankful that she’s fine now. Besides, I’m sure she wouldn’t want you to know that something like this had happened to her.”

“What on earth happened to Vivian?” he yelled. The man was seemingly more and more anxious after hearing what she said.

Perhaps he had frightened her because tears started well up in Evelyn’s eyes. Her body trembled, and her voice shook as she said, “Vivian… She… When we went in… we saw…”

Her babbling didn’t give him any substantial information, and it made Finnick even more frantic.

Right then, a doctor was about to check up on Vivian. Finnick instantly grabbed the doctor by his collar and asked, “What happened to Vivian? Tell me what happened to her!”

The doctor couldn’t breathe after being grabbed by the collar so suddenly. He struggled for a little and slapped hard on Finnick’s arms so that the latter would let go of him.

At the sight of this, Evelyn rushed over to help him. She tugged on Finnick’s arm and said, “Stop it, Finnick. You have to let go of the doctor first. He wouldn’t be able to talk if you continue this.”

Having heard that, the man let go and stared at the doctor with bloodshot eyes.

Maybe the doctor was used to seeing things like this as he wasn’t too angry about it. After he caught his breath, he said, “What’s your relationship with the patient in ward 307?”

“I’m her husband. What kind of injuries did my wife suffer?” Finnick shouted impatiently.

Embarrassment flashed across the former’s eyes upon hearing the question. His mouth gaped, but no words came as if he didn’t know how to break the news to Finnick.

After a moment, he sighed and said, “You’d better be mentally prepared. Your wife was…”

He stopped mid-sentence, trying to put his thoughts into words.

The latter watched the doctor anxiously, and he looked as though he was a prisoner waiting for his interrogation results.

“Based on the results we got previously, it seemed like she had been gang-raped.”

“What?” Finnick was on the verge of collapsing as if he was drained out of energy. He took a few steps back and slid onto the floor when his back hit the wall.

“Her body is still very weak now, so do take good care of her. Don’t get too worked up over this.” After consoling him for a bit, the doctor shook his head and left. He didn’t even check on Vivian, probably afraid that it would upset the man even more.

Finnick, who was still on the floor, suddenly remembered that the four men in the video clip Mark showed him earlier had been pulling on Vivian’s clothes non-stop.

He had thought that they were just putting on an act and that his brother hired them to threaten him. He thought that Mark wouldn’t actually hurt Vivian, but apparently, that was not the case.

At that thought, he slammed his fist forcefully onto the wall, and his knuckles bled instantly. However, he felt no pain as all he could feel at the moment was pure hatred for Mark.

I’ll kill you, Mark! No. I’m going to torment you to the point where you wish you were dead!

Evelyn, on the other hand, instantly rushed to grab Finnick’s arm when she saw that he was hurting himself. She then said in concern, “Don’t do this, Finnick. You can’t change anything even if you hurt yourself.”

After that, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wrapped it around his hand. Tears fell from her face as she said, “Vivian wouldn’t want to see you like this when she wakes up as well.”

Upon hearing his wife’s name, he quickly glanced back to the ward. His eyes were full of heartache and guilt as he mumbled to himself, “I’m sorry, Vivian. It’s all my fault. I didn’t protect you. This is all my fault…”

Evelyn lowered her head, feeling extremely jealous when she heard him blaming himself. How can Finnick blame himself? Vivian obviously brought this upon herself.

But a smug look appeared on her face in an instant. This might be a good thing too. At least it means that Finnick believed what the doctor said.

She quickly raised her head and said while sobbing, “You didn’t even see just how pitiful Vivian looked when we found her. Her clothes were all torn. She was unconscious, and her body was even covered in bruises…”

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