Never Late, Never Away Chapter 42

Fabian’s body froze.

He never expected Finnick to react like this after seeing those pictures.

Considering Finnick’s personality, Fabian thought that he would definitely fly into a rage and cut off all connections with Vivian.

However, he looked completely unbothered.

Or rather, he had complete faith in Vivian’s morals.

When this thought flashed across Fabian’s mind, he felt very frustrated.


Why does Finnick trust Vivian so much? Isn’t their relationship supposed to be a superficial and brief one?

Even though I shared such an intimate relationship with Vivian two years ago, I believed that Vivian is a promiscuous woman after seeing those photos.

Is it because I don’t trust her enough?

This query emerged in Fabian’s mind but he tried desperately to suppress his frustration.


The photos are already there! What kind of misunderstanding can there be?

The only explanation is that Finnick doesn’t even care about Vivian. That’s why he’s unconcerned about what kind of person she is.

“Fabian, you seem very interested in my woman,” Finnick said, interrupting Fabian’s thoughts.

Fabian’s body stiffened.

When he raised his head, he saw Finnick’s cold and calm expression. Fabian suddenly felt like a complete fool for bringing the photos to Finnick.

Although Finnick was sitting on a wheelchair, he exuded an innately dignified and elegant aura. His presence was so great that no one could tear their eyes away from him.

Suddenly, Fabian recalled his father’s occasional remarks about his uncle. Even his father, who was a particularly choosy man, said that if Finnick was not crippled, he would not even stand a chance against Finnick.

Suddenly, Fabian felt very upset.

In the past, he always thought of himself as an exceptional man. Only now did he realize how unworthy he was in comparison to Finnick.

Although he did not understand why he compared himself to Finnick, this sudden discovery filled him with frustration.

Seized with a sudden impulse, he smirked. “Yeah. You might not know this, but we used to be in a relationship when she was still studying.”

Fabian said it in a light-hearted manner, as if he was deliberately trying to anger Finnick.

Admittedly, his words fulfilled their purpose.

Finnick silently tightened his grip on the wheelchair handles. However, soon afterward, he scoffed coldly. “Oh, really?”

Those two words were simple, yet intensely cold. The fury in his voice could send chills down one’s spine.

Fabian realized that he had gone overboard. With his face turning pale, he said in a gentler tone, “Uncle Finnick, don’t be so bothered by it. She’s just a mere woman. I’m asking all these questions because I’m worried that my aunt might feel upset after knowing about it.”

Finnick’s wife was also very mysterious.

Accordingly, Fabian’s grandpa wanted to find Finnick a wife from a wealthy family. Fabian’s father, Mark, was initially worried that such a marriage might accord Finnick with some power. Unexpectedly, Finnick suddenly announced that he got married to an ordinary girl with an average family background.

Despite having returned for a period of time, Fabian still had not seen the rumored wife of Finnick.

Finnick merely eyed Fabian, not responding to him at all.

Realizing that he was being too nosy, an awkward expression crossed his face. In the end, he answered the first question Finnick raised, “I got the photo from an anonymous email.”

“Anonymous?” repeated Finnick, his tone unreadable.

Fabian nodded. Still reluctant to give up, he could not help but add, “Uncle Finnick, don’t blame me for being nosy. But Vivian’s an indecent woman. She has a bad reputation in the office too. So you should…”

“Fabian.” Before Fabian could finish his sentence, Finnick interrupted him. A hint of irritation had already crept into his voice. “Aren’t you sticking your nose too much in my business?”

Only then did Fabian realize that he talked too much. Hence, he glanced down and apologized, “Sorry, Uncle Finnick.”

“Alright, Fabian. If there’s nothing else, I’ll head back first.” Finnick adjusted his tie and added calmly, “My wife is still waiting for me at home.”

With that, he left the café without sparing Fabian a second glance.

Finnick returned to the car. Noah, who was sitting beside the driver’s seat, felt that the car was much colder than usual.

“Noah.” Finnick suddenly called out, “I asked you to look into that matter the other day, right? How’s it going?”

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