Never Late, Never Away Chapter 420

Some people were just like that. They were willing to do anything if they were paid – even when they had to betray their conscience. “Also, I’ll be coming to the hospital frequently in the next few days. Remember to act like you don’t know me. You won’t be getting even a single cent if you blow this up.”

“I understand. Don’t worry about it, Ms. Morrison,” the doctor promised with a firm nod.

“Alright. You can leave now.” Evelyn waved her hand at him impatiently.

“Then I’ll be heading to work now.” The doctor had a smile on his face as he turned, but it instantly vanished the moment his back was facing her.

Hmph. What a b***h. If it wasn’t for the money, do you think I’d grovel like that? You could be anything since you’re so pretty, yet you insist on being someone else’s mistress.

She probably planned this all out so that the man from earlier would misunderstand his wife. She obviously wants to separate them.

But this has nothing to do with me. Everything’s fine as long as I get the money. Medical ethics? Hah! What is that? Can it allow me to live a great life? The money Ms. Morrison gave me is nearly my salary of a year and a half. How could I not do it?

In the meantime, Evelyn was still standing there with a triumphant smile on her face.

So what if someone saved you? As long as Finnick believes that you were raped, I’ve achieved what I wanted to.

There isn’t a man who wouldn’t mind something like this. Now that I’ve planted this thorn in his heart, he’s going to leave you sooner or later.

“Are you satisfied?” Just as Evelyn rejoiced in her heart, she suddenly heard Benedict’s voice from behind her.

“Ben,” she said as she turned around anxiously. “When did you arrive?” Ben couldn’t have heard my conversation with the doctor, right?

“When you made the call earlier.” His voice was filled with disappointment and anger as he continued, “How can you bribe a doctor to lie to Finnick? Do you know how much of an impact it’ll be on their relationship?”

Of course, she knew; it was her point of doing this, after all.

“How can you only think of Vivian, Ben? I’m your sister. Can’t you think on my behalf too?” Evelyn couldn’t accept that her brother was favoring Vivian. “If you didn’t save her, do you think I’d have to resort to bribing the doctor?”

“Evelyn!” Benedict became furious at her words. “How can you not feel any guilt after doing something like this? It was fortunate that I managed to save Vivian. Do you know it’s illegal to instigate someone to commit a crime? You’ll end up in jail!”

“Who would’ve known if you don’t say anything?” The woman was nonchalant even after hearing what he said. “This isn’t my fault. I just want Finnick to come back to me.”

“But he’s in love with someone else now!” Benedict couldn’t understand why his sister was so obsessed with Finnick. “He has a wife, Evelyn.”

“That’s why I want them to get divorced. As long as they’re divorced, Finnick will definitely come back to me,” she said matter-of-factly.

“What the… Are you still the Evelyn that I know?” The sight of his sister upset him. “My sister wouldn’t be so unscrupulous to get something she wants. How did you end up like this, Evelyn?”

“Of course, I’m still your sister, Ben. How can you say that?” She felt awkward upon hearing that as she didn’t expect him to tell her off so straightforwardly. In an instant, she flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“I just want to get back what belongs to me. Finnick is mine, and Vivian was the one who snatched him away from me. Why are you only blaming me? Besides, I didn’t really do anything to her. You managed to save her too. She wasn’t actually raped, and I just wanted Finnick to misunderstand her.”

Benedict didn’t know how to answer her when he saw how unreasonable she was being.

Seeing that he wasn’t saying anything, Evelyn asked, feeling a little scared, “You won’t sell me out, right?”

His mind was a mess as he didn’t know what he should do. One of them was his only family, while the other was a friend he liked very much. It felt like no matter what he chose, it would be a wrong decision.

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