Never Late, Never Away Chapter 421

Benedict’s silence made Evelyn anxious. “Ben, please don’t tell Finnick about it.” Tugging his hand, she whined, “You know how he is like. If he finds out what happened, he will not let me off the hook.”

Benedict knew she was right. Although he saved Vivian, he did not think he could tell Finnick that she was the person behind all of it either.

Having learned from Ashley’s incident, he knew that if Finnick found out that Evelyn was responsible for Vivian’s kidnap, not only would he danger his sister but the whole Morrison family too. He could not take such a big risk.

“Ben, please give me your word. You can’t tell Finnick anything. I’m begging you,” Evelyn pitifully pleaded.

Benedict gave his sister a complex look. After all, she was the only person he had blood ties with, no matter how shrewd she was. Besides, he promised his parents to take care of her, and he could not put her in such a dangerous position.

Seeing her brother’s small nod, Evelyn flashed a small smile. She knew that he still doted on her.

“In return, you must promise never to hurt Vivian again,” Benedict sternly warned.

“Okay, I promise,” Evelyn casually stated to appease him.

Turning to glance in the direction of Vivian’s ward, Benedict’s eyes were filled with regret as he inwardly apologised to her.

All this time, Finnick was gripping Vivian’s hand, waiting for her to wake up.

When Vivian finally woke up, she opened her eyes to see white walls around her. Realizing she was in the hospital, she let out a sigh of relief, thankful that she had escaped.

“Vivian, you’re awake,” Finnick exclaimed. He was nervous but glad to see her regain her consciousness.

The moment Vivian heard the man’s voice, tears rolled down her cheeks. Her brain recalled the fear and anxiety she felt from before. While she was struggling in the warehouse earlier, she desperately hoped to see Finnick. Now, he was finally in front of her.

“Finnick, I…” She choked out his name but could not continue. With tears in her eyes, she could only look at Finnick.

That sight made Finnick’s heart ache for her. Immediately, he wiped her tears and wrapped his arms around her. In a comforting tone, he muttered, “I’m right here. Don’t worry. I will stay by your side…”

Unable to hold back her emotions, Vivian cried harder when she heard Finnick consoling her. Burying her head deeper in his arms, she finally let go of the fear and anger she had pent up.

Finnick’s eyes teared, hearing the painful sobs from his loved one. After blinking his eyes multiple times, he patted Vivian’s back and cooed, “Alright, don’t cry anymore. Everything is in the past now.”

It took a long time before Vivian stopped crying.

Gently, Finnick pulled himself away from her to get a tissue for her to wipe her tears. After he wiped them dry, he hugged her again, resting his chin on the crown of her head. From time to time, he would whisper words of comfort.

Meanwhile, Vivian snuggled in his embrace, trying to absorb his warmth. Slowly, she managed to regain her composure.

It still took some time before she completely calmed down and raised her head from Finnick’s arms again. Instantly, she noticed that Finnick’s shirt was soaked with her tears and dirtied by her snort.

Feeling embarrassed, she could not lift her gaze to match Finnick’s. She could only take a piece of tissue to try to clean up the mess she made.

“It’s alright. I can change into a new shirt later.” Finnick stared into Vivian’s eyes, taking her hands into his.

As she was very emotional earlier, Vivian did not manage to take a proper look at Finnick. Facing each other now, she could see his features clearly.

She noticed how haggard he looked with the dark circles around his eyes. Furthermore, his eyes did not light up like before and looked quite swollen. Judging from the stubble on his chin, it looked like he had not rested well for a long time.

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