Never Late, Never Away Chapter 422

“Look at how drained you look. I’m sorry for making you worry,” Vivian uttered, touching his cheek with her hand.

Finnick felt worse hearing Vivian’s words. As compared to what she had been through, this was nothing. Yet, she was apologizing to him. He should be the one to apologize for not being there to protect her when she needed him most.

Pulling her into his arms again, he held back his tears and assured her, “Vivian, everything is okay now. Whatever happened is in the past, and I will not leave you.”

“Hmm?” Vivian gently broke out of the embrace and stared at Finnick in confusion.

Cupping Vivian’s face, Finnick earnestly looked into her eyes and declared, “Vivian, I love you. I love your heart and your soul. Regardless of what happens, I will never abandon you. Therefore, you must promise me that you will never leave me either, and you will stay with me forever.”

It was heart-warming to hear Finnick’s sudden confession, though Vivian did not understand where he was coming from.

She held Finnick’s hands and curiously asked, “Why are you telling me this all of a sudden? Nothing happened to me. Am I not sitting here in front of you?”

Finnick froze when he heard her response but quickly recovered and replied, “Yes, you are fine now. Nothing happened. We can pretend that everything was a thing of the past.”

“What happened in the past?” Vivian looked puzzled.

“Nothing. Nothing happened.” Finnick let out a bitter laugh, trying to hide the pain he felt.

Realizing that Finnick was not going to share what he meant, Vivian tried to ignore the burning questions she had. She did not probe any further and changed the topic instead. “Did Benedict tell you that I was here?”

She remembered that Benedict saved her by the bell. Therefore, he probably sent her here.

At that thought, she felt a surge of gratitude towards him. It was fortunate that he rushed there just in time. Otherwise, she would not be lying here and facing Finnick with her head held high.

On the other hand, Finnick was confused by Vivian’s question, but he did not overthink it. “No, it wasn’t him. It was Mark who told me you were here.”

“Mark?” Vivian was bewildered by Finnick’s answer.

“Yes.” Thinking that Vivian recalled her painful memories, Finnick regretted mentioning Mark’s name. He gently tapped her hand and assured her, “Don’t be afraid. He can’t hurt you anymore.”

However, Vivian did not catch what he said as she was busy wondering how Mark knew she landed up here.

She was certain that Benedict sent her here because he was the last person she saw before she fainted. Other than him, only Evelyn knew she was here. Was it Evelyn who told Mark?

Instantly, Vivian asked, “Where is Evelyn then? I remember seeing her.”

“Oh, she is with Benedict. She saved you.” Finnick thought she had forgotten about it, having been through such a traumatic experience. “When you get better, we can thank her together.”

When she heard that Evelyn saved her with Benedict, she finally understood the situation. Evelyn and Mark planned the kidnapping.

Evelyn did this because of Finnick. Why did Mark do it then? Did he want to blackmail Finnick?

“What are you thinking about?” Finnick questioned while ruffling her hair when he saw Vivian in a daze. Then, he sympathetically added, “Don’t overthink, alright?”

Vivian raised her head to look at Finnick and wanted to tell him her speculations. However, she remembered what happened at the café.

He did not believe me at that time, so would he believe me this time? Would he think that I am merely trying to black mouth Evelyn?

Besides, Finnick told me that Evelyn saved me and even suggested to thank her. It means that he believed that it was the truth. If I blindly state that Evelyn was responsible for the kidnapping, how would he think about it? Would he think that I am trying to set Evelyn up?

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