Never Late, Never Away Chapter 424

As long as he doesn’t ask and his wife doesn’t tell him, everything would turn out fine. I will successfully receive my cash reward for it too.

“I understand.” Finnick nodded and thanked the doctor, “Thank you.”

“No problem. In the meantime, take good care of your wife. When you are free, you can take her out for a walk to lift her spirits. It is not a bad thing for her to forget about it either. After all, remembering it might haunt her instead.”

“That is true.” Finnick thanked the doctor again before he left the office.

Seeing Finnick walk out of the office, the doctor thumped his chest and let out a sigh of relief. He has an abnormally strong aura. No matter how many times I look at him, I still get intimidated by his gaze.

Luckily, he still seems fooled by me since he is out of sorts and worried for his wife.

After they left, Noah still felt uneasy about the doctor’s words. He worriedly asked Finnick, “Mr. Norton, is Mrs. Norton’s condition normal? Otherwise, should we look for another doctor to check on her? If anything is wrong…”

“No need for that,” Finnick stopped him. He did not want another doctor to examine her because of that matter again. On the one hand, he was afraid it might trigger her. On the other hand, he did not want people to gossip about it.

“Don’t bring this up again. We will pretend that none of that happened,” Finnick ordered.

“Okay.” As a man himself, he somewhat understood where Finnick was coming from.

“What were you saying about the board of directors earlier?” Finnick recalled what Noah first said when he left the ward.

“The board of directors are in the meeting room, and they are making a big fuss. They want you to meet them and give them an explanation,” his personal assistant explained.

Finnick already saw it coming. After such a big incident, the board of directors would not easily let himself off. Therefore, he quickly headed back to the office with Noah.

Once they entered the building, Finnick could feel the tense aura hanging in the air.

Everyone in the office seemed startled and were not as professional as before. They were forming groups and gossiping. Especially with his arrival, instead of dispersing, they started whispering more animatedly among themselves.

“What’s going on?” Frowning, Finnick turned to Noah for an answer.

“Mr. Norton, the leak in Finnor Group’s customers’ information had been exposed online. Now, the internet and newspapers are all reporting about it, and we could not stop it. I guess everyone in the office heard about it. They must be worried about the company’s situation and are unable to concentrate on their work,” Noah accounted.

At first, he tried to hide the matter from the employees since it was important to put their minds at ease. Unfortunately, the news spread like wildfire on the internet. Before he could take any measures against it, the employees already found out what happened.

“The board of directors merely watched the employees react like so and did nothing about it?” Finnick was annoyed. In such a situation, did no one step up to manage it?

Noah helplessly replied, “Well, all of them were arguing in the meeting room, and they would not listen to me. When the employees saw them arguing, they panicked. Rumors about Finnor Group going bankrupt suddenly began to spread, and some are even preparing to transfer companies now.”

“Nonsense!” Finnick picked up his pace. “These people are tyrants.”

While waiting for the elevator, he noticed that the employees were staring intensely at him. After some thought, he turned to walk towards them.

“Mr. Norton, the directors are waiting for you,” Noah quickly reminded, unsure of what his boss was trying to do.

“Then, let them wait. Meanwhile, can you bring me a microphone?” With that, Finnick headed to the employees’ workspace.

“Okay.” Noah immediately took the hint and acted accordingly.

When they saw Finnick walking towards them, the employees stopped talking and fell silent.

Moving to the centre of the space, Finnick announced, “Everyone, please return to your seats. I want to address the matter.”

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