Never Late, Never Away Chapter 425

Finnick was still highly respected among his employees. When they heard his request, they obediently returned to their seats.

At the same time, Noah came back with a microphone. He passed it to Finnick then took a few steps back.

With the microphone in hand, Finnick’s voice rang through the office.

“I know that everyone is worried about the company’s future. Here, I can tell all of you that someone purposely sabotaged Finnor Group. With that said, everyone need not be worried. We have found a way to deal with it, but we will need some time. Meanwhile, I hope everyone can put in their best at work. The person behind it hopes that we would falter before he sends the last blow to destroy our company. Please do not be fooled. Let’s come together and get through this together. I will assure you that I will do my best to protect this family we have here in Finnor Group, and I will protect your jobs. Likewise, please continue to work hard.”

Then, Finnick put down his microphone. No one replied, and he looked around to see dull expressions on everyone’s faces.

He knew that his words were not enough to dispel everyone’s worries. However, there was nothing else he could do at this point to convince them.

Suddenly a female’s voice rang from the corner of the room. “Yes, Mr. Norton. We believe you, and we will continue to do our best at work!” Everyone turned to look at the person in surprise.

At the centre of everyone’s attention, the woman’s face turned red. Despite so, she courageously took a step forward after a short hesitation. “I worked very hard to get into Finnor Group, and the company did not disappoint me. The employee benefits are great, and the promotion criteria are reasonable as well. As long as you are willing to put in the work, your salary will increase. I believe everyone thinks like me. Since we tried so hard to get into a good company like this, why should we leave then? Besides, everyone is confident of Mr. Norton’s abilities. I believe that under his leadership, we can emerge stronger from this setback.”

After rambling, the female employee looked around nervously. Colleagues who were usually close to her chimed, “We believe in you, Mr. Norton.”

“Yes, Mr. Norton. We will do our best.”

“Mr. Norton, you have my support!”

Sometimes, words from a peer were more impactful than a leader, and more and more employees begin to respond too.

“Yes, Mr. Norton, we believe you. Let’s do this together.”

“Yes, Finnor Group will not crumble that easily!”

“Alright, all of us should get back to work.”

“At the very most, we will not get paid for a few months. Despite so, we have been receiving a salary that is higher than the market rate. We will not starve without a month’s worth of salary. “Someone else even added, “Who knows, if we manage to get through this, Mr. Norton may give us a bonus.”

“Hahaha…” Hearing the colleague’s words, everyone began to laugh. Instantly, the mood in the room lightened.

“Thank you for all your support,” Finnick spoke in the microphone. “I promise that no matter what happens to Finnor Group, I will still pay out your salaries. Now, I have to discuss with the board of directors about the matter. All of you can return to work.”

Then, Finnick returned the microphone to Noah. He gave a ninety-degree bow before he turned to leave.

As he walked past the employee who first replied to him, he whispered, “Thank you.” Shyly, she stuttered, “No…problem.”

He nodded and smiled at the lady, then rushed to the meeting room.

As soon as he pushed open the meeting room door, Finnick was greeted by a ruckus. When the directors who were arguing saw Finnick’s arrival, they exploded.

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