Never Late, Never Away Chapter 426

“Finnick, what on earth is going on?”

“Exactly! Do you know how much our stock price fell within this short frame of time?”

“If only one or two of the client’s information was leaked, we could close one eye about it. How could all their information be leaked?”

As Finnick walked to the podium at the front of the meeting room, everyone began to quieten down. After there was silence, he spoke, “First, I want to confess that I was the one who divulged the news. For that, I would like to apologize.”

Once he finished, the directors began to complain again.

“Finnick, what is the meaning of that? Are you the only person running the company? That is absurd!”

Another director stated, “What were you trying to do? If you want to dig your own grave, you can’t pull us down together!”

“Finnick, you have to give us an explanation.”

Some also complained, “Do you know that the lawyers’ letters sent to our company are piling up? As the president, how can you do that?”

Everyone could not hold back their anger and were wagging their fingers at Finnick. Of course, they had their own suspicions about who was responsible for the news, but they did not expect Finnick to be the person behind it.

“I can’t tell everyone the details, but I can assure all of you that I will turn things around. Please give me some time.” Since it was his fault, Finnick could only patiently apologize to the board of directors.

Although they were enraged, Finnick was still the biggest shareholder of the company. Even if the directors added their shares together, Finnick’s was still more than theirs. Therefore, they could not do anything to him.

Finnick repeatedly guaranteed and reassured the board of directors through the long and meaningless argument before the people started leaving.

“These people usually have nothing to say when I give them their bonuses. Now that the company is in trouble, they are making such a big fuss,” Noah fumed after the directors left the room.

“That is human nature. Besides, it is my fault.” Tiredly, Finnick massaged his temples and closed his eyes, falling into deep thought.

How can we get through this?

It was already the next day when Vivian found out about what happened to Finnor Group. As she was too tired in the past two days, she kept drifting back to sleep and did not notice what was happening on the internet.

Only on the way to the bathroom, she coincidentally overheard two nurses talking about Finnor Group.

When she heard Finnick’s name being mentioned, Vivian stopped to eavesdrop.

“How long do you think the Finnor Group can survive?”

“I guess it won’t be long before they go bankrupt. I have a cousin working there, and I heard that someone leaked their customers’ details. In the past, I was jealous that she could work in such a good company. Now, I’m afraid she would lose her job,” the other nurse replied.

“It is such a big company, and it is hard to imagine that they would go down like that. Did you see how the Finnor Group’s stock prices dived over the past two days? Luckily, I sold them early. Otherwise…”

Vivian could not hear them anymore as they walked further away. However, the news she heard was enough to give her a shock. What is going on at Finnick’s company?

Hurriedly, Vivian returned to her ward and started to search about Finnor Group on the internet.

She saw titles like ‘Trust in Finnor Group is faltering’, ‘How can Finnor Group avoid going into bankruptcy?’, ‘Finnick denies that Finnor Group is going bankrupt’, ‘Finnor Group has entered talks of bankruptcy’…

Looking at the headlines about Finnor Group on various social media platforms, Vivian widened her mouth in disbelief. How did things turn out like this?

Picking a random article, Vivian read through the contents.

As previously announced, there was leaked information about Finnor Group’s clients. It put the company in an unprecedented crisis where their clients are starting to question their trust. Today, we interviewed a director from Finnor Group. According to him…

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