Never Late, Never Away Chapter 427

“How did the information get leaked?” Vivian mindlessly muttered after she finished the article. She ever wrote such news, so she knew how much such incidents could impact a company. Besides, there was a leakage of all their clients’ details.

Isn’t such information prioritised as the top-secret? How can Finnick be so careless?

Vivian continued to scroll, reading the netizens comments.

Finnor Group is unreliable now. After all, they failed to protect their customers’ details. What kind of defence system do they even have in place? How infuriating!

What? I’m going crazy. The sudden news caused their stock prices to hit rock bottom. I can’t even sell them now. I want to demand compensation!

Out of all the other companies, this is the first time I heard a leakage of all the clients’ information. I would like to concede to Finnor Group.

Look at Finnick, who insists that everything is alright. If it is, you should put measures in place for the investors. What the hell are you doing?

It was difficult for me to cooperate with Finnor Group. At first, we thought we could profit from it. Now, I want compensation, but who should I go to?

The more Vivian read, the more disappointed she was when she realized that majority of the comments were negative. Most were criticizing Finnor Group for being untrustworthy, and none stood out to support the company.

She grew worried for Finnick. Given such a situation, he must be busy trying to salvage it. Yet, why did he not tell her about it? This can’t do. I have to look for him.

Having made up her mind, Vivian quickly changed out of her hospital gown and ran out of the ward with her hospital slippers. She did not make it far when she accidentally knocked into a person as she turned the corner.

“I’m so sorry!” Vivian repeatedly apologized, then she ran off without taking a good look at who he was.

Unexpectedly, the man grabbed her wrist and sternly chided, “Where are you heading to?”

Hearing that familiar voice, Vivian snapped around immediately.


Looking at Vivian’s anxious expression, Finnick unhappily commented, “You have not fully recovered, so how could you run out of the hospital like that? What happens if your wound reopens?”

At that time, Vivian could not care less about that. She grabbed Finnick and directly interrogated him, “Finnick, what happened to the company? Why is there a leak in the customers’ accounts?”

Instantly, Finnick’s face fell when he heard Vivian mention the company. “You have heard about it.”

“Yes. Why didn’t you tell me about it? I was in horror when I read about it earlier. How did that happen?” Vivian wanted to hear the whole story from Finnick.

Ignoring her question, Finnick helped her to her ward. “You should rest instead of worrying about such things.”

“How can I not worry about it? It is your company, of course…”

“Listen to me!” Finnick scolded.

Vivian did not rebut and obediently followed him to her ward, seeing the fierce expression on his face. Occasionally, she would cast worried looks in his direction.

After Finnick helped her to the bed, he pulled the blanket over her body. “Have a good rest.”

“Finnick, I…” Vivian wanted to go on about Finnor Group but was afraid to anger Finnick. Momentarily, she was unsure of whether to ask more about it.

Finnick could see the concern in Vivian’s eyes, and he knew that it was not a good idea to keep things from her. Therefore, he made up an explanation, “There were loopholes in Finnor Group’s network. Therefore, hackers got to it, causing the leakage.”

He did not want Vivian to know the truth behind it. If she found out, she would be haunted by guilt though nothing can be changed at that point.

Besides, he did not want her to recall what happened. Perhaps, the doctor was right that her memory loss was for the better.

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