Never Late, Never Away Chapter 428

Vivian accepted Finnick’s explanation without a trace of doubt in her expression.

Taking his hands into hers, Vivian realized that she did not know what to say or how she could comfort him. She could only grip his hands firmly, hoping that it would give him some strength to pull through it.

Having figured what Vivian was doing, Finnick tapped her hand. “It’s alright. I will sort it out, and you don’t have to worry. Right now, your health should be your utmost priority.”

A wave of emotions surged through Vivian’s veins, hearing Finnick’s words of concern. Feeling touched and hurt for him, she got up to hug him and whispered, “Of course. Everything will turn out fine.”

“Yes, it will.” Finnick returned her hug.

In the past two days, he had been out and about, trying to settle the dispute among his clients. He also had to fork out the time to meet with the reporters, and it was physically and mentally draining, to say the least. Being in Vivian’s arms made his stress melt away in an instant.

For a long time, the two of them stayed in the same position. At some point, Vivian realised that Finnick was putting more weight on her, as though he was about to crush her.

“Finnick,” she softly called out when she could not hold him up any longer. However, there was no response.

“Finnick?” There was no response again. Raising her head to look in Finnick’s direction, Vivian was amused to see the man sleeping.

Cautiously, Vivian leaned back and allowed Finnick to lay on the bed. After she covered him with a blanket, she caressed his face with her heart aching for him. Looking at how he was fast asleep, he was probably tired out from the past two days.

Afraid that she would wake him up, Vivian retracted her hand and quietly stayed beside him.

On the other hand, Evelyn and Mark were meeting at a hidden restaurant.

“Hmph, you gave me your promise at that time, but looking at how things turned out, it seems like you aren’t that reliable after all. Vivian still managed to escape,” Mark mockingly stated.

Evelyn paid no attention to his sarcasm and responded, “Even if so, haven’t you achieved your goal?”

“Well, who knew that Finnick and Vivian’s relationship was that strong? I can’t believe that he was willing to do that for her. I don’t think you stand a chance anymore.” This time, Mark was not deliberately making fun of her.

As a man, he knew how much a career would mean to Finnick. If he was willing to sacrifice that for her, there was no way he would abandon her for Evelyn.

“Is that right? Mr. Norton, I think it’s still too early to say that.” Lifting her glass of water, Evelyn took a sip from it.

Her indifferent expression made Mark curious. “Do you happen to have another plan in mind?”

Setting the glass back on the table, Evelyn slowly uttered, “It doesn’t matter whether Vivian was truly molested as long as Finnick believes that it is true.”

“You have a plan to make him believe it?” Mark pressed on.

“Of course.” She let out a light chuckle. With her eyes filled with menace, she continued, “I told Finnick that my brother and I saved her. Furthermore, I also said that when we arrived, she was already touched by the men.”

“He believed you?” Mark was somewhat surprised. Vivian was not stupid and would tell her husband if that was not true. Would Finnick still misunderstand the situation then?

“I spent some money to bribe a doctor and settled it,” Evelyn proudly announced. “Having been through a traumatic experience, she had selective memory loss. Mr. Norton, what do you think about this reason?”

Impressed, Mark looked at Evelyn, surprised that she had so many tricks up her sleeves.

“As long as there is a thorn in Finnick’s heart, the gap between them will only grow. When the time comes, no matter what I do, Finnick would willingly pull himself away from her,” Evelyn predicted.

Mark nodded, listening to what Evelyn said. Inwardly, he was giving her a big thumbs up for the idea. She is brilliant and can turn the false into the truth. I can’t believe she even tricked a clever man like Finnick. It looks like I should be careful when I work with her in the future.

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