Never Late, Never Away Chapter 429

“Mr. Norton, you look like you are in a good mood. It must be because something good happened to you. The fall in Finnor Group’s share price must be good news to you,” Evelyn pointed out.

“Of course, it is wonderful news to me.” At the mention of it, Mark could not help but smile. “However, I have greater plans than that.”

“Oh?” Evelyn was interested to hear what Mark meant by that. “What are you planning to do next?”

“You’ll find out.” Mark clearly did not want to divulge it to Evelyn.

“You cunning man,” Evelyn silently spats. It doesn’t matter anyway. As long as he can help me, I will let him do whatever he wants to.

“There is something that I still can’t seem to figure,” Mark mentioned while looking in Evelyn’s direction.

“What is it?”

“Based on your logic, you must still have feelings for Finnick. If so, why are you helping me to go against him? When his company collapses, won’t you feel bad for him?” Mark questioned.

“Why would I feel bad about his company?” With disdain, Evelyn continued, “I only want Finnick. As long as I can take him away from Vivian, his company’s plight doesn’t matter.”

Mark was shocked to hear how cruel she was. How is that considered love for Finnick? It seems like she is only jealous that he has someone else he loves by his side now. Therefore, she wants to get him back.

After discussing their next plan, they fell into a moment of silence, each with their secret agendas. Soon after, they went their separate ways.

Fully recovered from a week of staying in the hospital, Vivan could finally get discharged.

As Finnick had an important meeting, he ordered Noah to take Vivian home instead.

That night, Finnick returned home past midnight. When he opened the bedroom door, he found Vivian fast asleep.

Quietly, he took out his clothes and walked to the bedside. Then, he slowly lifted the blanket to lie down but unintentionally woke Vivian up instead.

“You’re back,” Vivian groggily stated while rubbing her eyes. When he did not return home by eleven, she thought he had to stay in the office all night to work.

“Yes. I’m sorry to wake you up,” Finnick apologized, gently caressing Vivian’s face.

Seeing the apologetic expression on his face and the tiredness in his eyes, a surge of sadness and love ran through Vivian’s body.

She wrapped her arms around Finnick’s neck and took the initiative to kiss him.

Finnick was momentarily stunned but then reacted by hugging Vivian’s waist and deepening the kiss.

Previously, Vivian was in a cold war with him before she landed up in the hospital. It had been long since they shared a passionate kiss.

Aroused by Vivian, Finnick’s hand slowly reached under her pyjamas, and his cool touch made her shiver.

“Finnick…” She could not help but yelp.

Hearing that, Finnick suddenly stopped and turned to look at Vivian. However, Vivian could not understand the look in his eyes.

“I’m sorry, I forgot that you just got out of the hospital,” Finnick apologized after a moment of silence.

“Oh? No, I…” Vivian wanted to say she was fine but was embarrassed, and she ended up stopping her sentence midway.

“I need to take a shower. You should go to sleep first.” Finnick went to the bathroom after patting Vivian’s head.

In bed, Vivian was puzzled. It ended like that? After his shower, Finnick only hugged Vivian to sleep and did nothing else.

In the next few days, Vivian sensed that there was something different about Finnick. Although he was warm to her, they were not as intimate as before. Sometimes she would drop obvious hints, but he would not go along with it.

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