Never Late, Never Away Chapter 43

Noah was stunned for a while before returning to his senses. “Are you talking about what happened to Ms. William two years ago?”


“Because quite some time has passed since the incident, so it’s taking a while to investigate.”

“Start the investigation from Fabian. He recently received an email that’s related to the incident.”

“Okay, got it.”

Finnick tapped his slender fingers on the wheelchair handle as a thoughtful gaze appeared in his eyes.

I’ll definitely not spare anyone who dares to mess with my woman.


When Finnick’s gaze landed on Fabian, who was walking out of the café, a cold glint flashed across his eyes.

From what he heard previously, Fabian had already given up on Vivian and was going to get married soon.

However, it seemed like Fabian was excessively concerned about his relationship with Vivian.

Finnick smiled coldly.

I can’t believe that a day would come when I’d compete with my own nephew.

Even Vivian did not know how she managed to sluggishly get through this day.

With much difficulty, she survived until dismissal time before she eagerly left the office.

When she returned home, she was surprised to see Finnick waiting in the living room. The man would usually reach home quite late.

“Where’s Molly and Liam?” Vivian tried her best to conceal her emotions from Finnick. As she took off her shoes, she walked into the living room.

“I gave them a day off today.” As there was no one else in the house, Finnick directly stood up from his wheelchair and took the dishes out from the kitchen. “But dinner’s ready, so let’s eat.”

Rubbing her slightly reddened eyes, Vivian nodded and shuffled to the dining room.

Throughout dinner, Vivian and Finnick were immersed in their own thoughts. Hence, they did not speak much.

Finnick finished his meal first. After mulling over it for a while, he asked, “Vivian, have you considered changing a job?”

Not expecting Finnick to mention this, Vivian was stunned. “Why should I change my job?”

Finnick gazed at Vivian. “Your workplace is too far from home and the employee benefits are average. You can find a better job.”

Actually, Vivian knew that regardless of which profession it was, her salary would rise if she jumped ship to another company. If it were not for her Mom, she might have already done that.

As her Mom’s medical bills were quite high each month, she could not afford to change a job.

However, as she could not tell that to Finnick, she merely pursed her lips and said, “Never mind. I’m enjoying my work a lot and I can’t bear to leave.”

Finnick gripped his spoon tighter.

“You can’t bear to leave?” He looked at Vivian with an unreadable expression.

When Fabian showed him those photos earlier, he looked indifferent on the outside. In reality, however, he was furious.

Extremely furious.

It was evident that the photos were taken by a hidden camera. If he was not wrong, they were taken two years ago.

He knew some details about what happened two years ago and had heard Vivian explain it to him. As he understood that it was not Vivian’s fault, he did not blame her. However, Vivian’s alluring look in the photos enraged him.

When he thought about how another man had shared such a passionate night with Vivian two years ago, he was overwhelmed with such fury that he had an urge to kill someone.

To be exact, if it were not for the immense self-control he developed over these few years, he might not even be able to calmly eat dinner with Vivian right now.

Fabian was also the source for his anger.

Finnick did not know if Fabian was trying to take revenge for Vivian’s betrayal two years ago or break up his relationship with Vivian.

Regardless of which one it was, it was still inappropriate for Vivian to work for Fabian anymore. There was a chance a similar incident at Q City might happen again.

Hence, he suggested for Vivian to change a job. Unexpectedly, she refused without hesitation.

Finnick could not think of any reason why Vivian could not bear to leave the job.

Is she reluctant to part with Fabian?

When that possibility crossed his mind, Finnick felt that he was being unbelievably immature. Yet, that thought made his fury rise even further.

When Finnick remembered those photos, his expression turned frosty. Placing his fork down, he asked, “Are you reluctant to leave Fabian?”

Vivian’s face paled, not expecting Finnick to say that.

Does he think that I’m still longing for Fabian, and will cheat on him?

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