Never Late, Never Away Chapter 430

Seeing how Finnick reacted, Vivian’s emotions were in a complete mess. She was confused, while waves of sorrow washed over her as she felt wronged. Could it be that… Finnick’s tired of me?

No. That’s not it!

Vivian consoled herself as she believed in the man. Maybe he’s worried about my well-being since I was just discharged.

Finnick went to work early in the morning, while Vivian was reluctant to get up as she lay on the bed. In fact, she had trouble falling asleep these days.

Staring blankly into space, she didn’t move and lay there for about an hour. Then, she got up and took her laptop.

Opening her internet browser, she wasn’t sure what to search for. It was her first time seeking help from the internet about her relationship, so she was embarrassed. She felt warm and quickly fanned her face.

Heaving two breaths, Vivian typed: Why is my husband cold to me?

After that, she clenched her teeth and quickly pressed the Enter key.

She had never searched for these types of questions on the internet before, so she was surprised to see a bunch of interesting yet unique comments popping out.

He’s tired of you, as you’ve aged.

Be wary of him having mistresses. He may be cheating on you.

Look at yourself in the mirror before asking.

Reading the netizens’ answers, Vivian compared them with her situation. Soon, she reached the bottom of the page. After reading the last comment, she felt frustrated and closed her laptop. What are all these? None of them explains our situation.

After pondering for a while, she opened her laptop again and key-in a new sentence in the search bar: How do I attract my husband?

Fortunately, the answers this time weren’t as absurd. Instead, they made Vivian blush as she learnt about the tricks and tips from the comments. I see. So everyone’s like this at home.

In the end, Vivian heeded the suggestion of a netizen: Buy sexy lingerie to attract his attention.

She tried to imagine herself seducing Finnick, but she couldn’t picture it in her mind no matter what.

Vivian wasn’t bold enough to buy lingerie in a shop, so she ordered one online. Under the customer service’s enthusiastic recommendation, she bought the best seller from the shop.

After telling the customer service her height and weight, the customer service replied to her: You have such a nice body. Your husband won’t hold back after seeing you in our lingerie.

An image surfaced in Vivian’s mind immediately as she read the reply. Feeling embarrassed, she didn’t reply and quickly made the payment before exiting the page.

After she was done with everything, Vivian was drenched in sweat as she was nervous, so she went for a bath.

In midst of apprehension, her parcel finally arrived.

Opening the parcel, she was shocked. It’s so revealing! Is there any difference between wearing this and being naked?

During dinner, Finnick noticed something was amiss. Vivian’s gaze was fixed on her food while she stayed silent all the time, and she didn’t even spare him a glance. It was as if she was avoiding him.

“Vivian, are you upset today?” Finnick was worried about her acting strange.

“Oh?” Vivian was surprised as she lifted her head to look at him and hurriedly replied, “No, not at all. I’m not upset or anything.”

“That’s good.” The man continued eating his food.

“Yeah.” After replying to her husband briefly, Vivian lowered her head and focused on eating her food.

Looking at Vivian, Finnick was confused, as the woman seemed like she was always in a daze, but he didn’t drag on the matter any further.

After showering, Vivian stared at the lingerie she bought and couldn’t make up her mind if she should wear it. However, thinking about her aim, she gritted her teeth and changed into it.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Vivian felt embarrassed, but she was satisfied with how it turned out.

Taking a few deep breaths, Vivian mustered her courage and exited the washroom. Then, she ran into the washroom almost instantly. “I can’t do this. How do I face Finnick wearing this?” Covering her flushed face, Vivian’s courage melted away.

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