Never Late, Never Away Chapter 431

“It’s fine! Go for it, Vivian! You can do this!” Pulling open the washroom door, Vivian encouraged herself in her heart.

When she went to the bedroom, Finnick had done washing up and was reading through the documents on the bed, totally oblivious to Vivian’s presence in the room.

Seeing that Finnick wasn’t looking at her, Vivian wanted to flee, but she halted in her tracks when she thought of what she had done to get to this. With her cheeks turning red, she forced herself to ask, “Finnick, d-do you want some water?”

“Yes. Thank you.” Finnick replied without lifting his head to look at her.

Vivian heaved a sigh and took a glass. Glancing back as she walked to the water dispenser, Finnick’s gaze was still glued to the documents. She hesitated for a while and turned around. “Do you want it warm or cold?”

Upon hearing that, Finnick furrowed his brows slightly. Isn’t this obvious? I’ve always preferred warm water. There’s no way she wouldn’t know since we’ve been living together for such a long time. Plus, she has never asked me about this before.

Puzzled by her question, Finnick finally raised his head to look at her.

Upon seeing her in that revealing lingerie, Finnick was lost in a daze, and a burning passion rose within him as his eyes gleamed.

After staring at the woman without saying a word, he answered, “Warm.” His hoarse and rich tone was bewitching. Vivian felt her body burning up from Finnick’s stares and his voice.

“Alright.” Her voice trembled as she walked toward the man slowly.

The revealing lingerie Vivian wore was ethereal on her, showing her perfect body. The tight-fitting design only accentuated her curves, while her fair legs were partially visible under the light material. Looking at the sexy woman walking toward him, Finnick felt his throat went dry and was sweating profusely.

“Here.” Vivian handed the glass to Finnick when she was at the bedside. Lowering her head, she averted her gaze, as she was way too shy to look at the man in his eyes.

Finnick didn’t take the glass over and only stare at her.

Placing the glass aside, the woman gulped as she was nervous, while Finnick’s burning gaze fixated on her body. In Finnick’s eyes, she only appeared more enchanting. Pulling her into his arms, he pinned her down on the bed and kissed her lips.

The beautiful sight in front of him and the smooth touch of her body made him lose all control, and he was both impatient and passionate with his movements.

Instead of being embarrassed, Vivian responded to him passionately, while she felt happy in her heart. It seems I was wrong for jumping to conclusion.

Wrapping her arms around Finnick’s back, she hugged the man she loved tightly, reluctant to let him go.

Finnick raised his head to look at her. The few strands of hair drenched from sweat were hanging loosely on his face. And this only made him look wild and manly.

“Finnick…” Vivian’s heart fluttered while his name escaped her mouth uncontrollably.

Tempted by the woman’s alluring appearance below him, he scattered his kisses downward from her mouth to her neck. Nibbling on her neck, he left a few hickeys to mark her as his woman.

Suddenly, Finnick’s movement came to a halt as he saw the scar below her collarbone.

Although Vivian’s injuries had recovered, scars were left on her body. Seeing this, the image of her clothes being torn away by the four men surfaced in his mind.

The heat on his body quickly faded away as a flurry of coldness gushed over him while Vivian’s pleas for help resounded in his ears. “Save me… Finnick, please!”

“Finnick, what’s wrong?” Noticing Finnick’s tense expression and cold eyes, Vivian was confused.

The woman’s voice pulled him out of his daze. With her misty gazes, her body was rosy, and she looked enchanting. However, the man didn’t feel like continuing.

Guilt and remorse flashed across his eyes as he flipped over and took her into his arms. After adjusting the blanket, he patted Vivian’s back gently and said, “Let’s sleep. I’m tired today.”

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