Never Late, Never Away Chapter 433

Finnick could only remind Vivian to rest at home, while the latter only nodded in response. She was indifferent.

Seeing her response, Finnick sighed in his mind before leaving the house and rushing to the Norton Corporation.

The woman turned to look at his back and the food on the table. Lifting her head, she stared blankly at the ceiling and blinked twice before finishing up her food. She found it hard to enjoy the dishes, as they were bland and tasteless.

Meanwhile, Finnick finally arrived at the Norton Corporation. As expected, Mark had gathered the board of directors in the meeting room.

Seeing his arrival, Mark scoffed silently in his mind. Finnick, I’ll take all your shares of the Norton Corporation this time.

Samuel looked at Finnick with a worried expression, and he felt like saying something. However, Finnick glanced at him, assuring him it would be fine.

Sitting down in his seat, Finnick said nothing and waited for them to bombard him with questions.

On the way to the company, Finnick had figured everything out. Mark won’t let go of this opportunity to go after my shares.

Isn’t this why Mark kidnapped Vivian? To get the shares of the Norton Corporation. Finnick smiled coldly when he thought about it. If he thinks he can beat me so easily, he’s terribly mistaken.

Soon, Mark finally spoke, “Alright. Since everyone’s here, let us discuss the main issues of the meeting today.”

With that, he looked at Finnick with delight and a smug on his face. “Finnick, I bet you know why we’re having this meeting right now.”

Everyone looked in the direction Mark was looking and saw Finnick crossed his fingers after placing his arms on the table. He was wearing a calm expression as he said, “I’m eager to hear more.”

Humph! How persistent! Mark’s gaze grew hostile, and he spoke, “I bet everyone had heard about how Finnor Group has leaked the clients’ information.”

Upon hearing this, the room was filled with chatters and discussion. Some time ago, the matter spread like wildfire and caused uproars in the city. Who wouldn’t know about this? All of a sudden, Finnick became the center of attention in the room.

Satisfied with their reaction, Mark continued to ask, “I would like to ask you a question, Finnick. How are we supposed to trust you, given how you have even leaked the clients’ information?”

“So?” Folding his arms, Finnick leaned on his chair and asked in return.

Seeing his reaction, one of the directors, who had always supported Mark, stood up and slammed the table. He pointed at Finnick and scolded, “Finnick, you can’t even handle your own company well. What rights do you have to manage the Norton Corporation? I suggest you hand over your shares.”

Nice! Mark was delighted with what the director said. As expected from someone I promoted. He knows what I wanted.

All he needed was someone to voice his opinion first. Growing restless, everyone joined it and stood against Finnick.

“That’s right! Finnick, how do we trust you now?”

“Who knows if the confidential information of the Norton Corporation will be leaked one day?”

“I think you should hand over your shares, Finnick.”

“We support Mark to take charge of the Norton Corporation.”

Actually, Mark had bribed the directors into supporting him, promising them some benefits and what not. This was why everyone was siding with him and crusading against Finnick in unison.

Although Samuel was angry with the directors for going against Finnick, he didn’t do anything as what they said made sense. Finnick had made mistakes, so losing their trust was expected.

Seeing how everyone was demanding him to hand over his shares, anger flashed across Finnick’s eyes while he wore a grim expression. Mark must be the one orchestrating the show. There’s none other than him who will benefit from this.

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