Never Late, Never Away Chapter 434

It seems you’ve put in a lot of effort to convince every director to oppose me. Very well. But Mark, you’ll be disappointed with how it turns out in the end. Finnick thought about it and smirked.

After the noise died down, Finnick looked at them and scoffed, “So you guys are saying that whoever made mistakes should not hold the shares of the Norton Corporation?”

“Of course.” Hearing what Finnick said, Mark immediately added, “Every one of us will suffer if such a deadly problem arises in the company’s management. You’ve made a grave mistake, so how are we supposed to leave the Norton Corporation to you?”

“Right. We will never agree to that.”

“We hereby disagree with Finnick to hold a majority of the shares.”

“Mr. Norton’s right. Operation is a big problem, so we have to let someone else take charge of the Norton Corporation.”

Everyone supported Mark’s statement.

Finnick smirked and stared at Mark mockingly. A foreboding feeling suddenly rose within the latter when he noticed Finnick’s expression.

“If that’s how it is…” Finnick took his phone and tossed it on the table before continuing his sentence, “Please take a look at the latest news.”

What does he mean? The latest news? Everyone was confused by Finnick’s actions and the words he said.

His phone slid across the table and stopped in front of one of the directors. Driven by curiosity, he looked at the screen, and his expression changed immediately. “How can this be?”

Seeing how he reacted, everyone was curious about what he saw.

“What’s wrong?” Mark asked with an uneasy look plastered on his face. He finally got the chance to get rid of Finnick so he couldn’t afford any mishap on his account.

“Mr. Mark, please look at this.” The director got up and walked toward Mark before handing him the phone.

Looking at the screen, Mark’s expression turned solemn.

Everyone took out their phones and searched for the latest news about Norton Corporation. When they saw the results, their expression darkened.

The search results were news headlines about the excessive additives in the food products of the companies under Norton Corporation, and the consumers were demanding an explanation from Norton Corporation. The food products were deemed to be a threat to health, so a thorough investigation would be carried out.

Pressing the link of the news with a stern expression, everyone finally knew what happened. Turned out, the food companies under Mark’s management had been exposed to adding excessive food additives into their food products.

A few influential media had published the news on their page, and the Norton Corporation had become the hot topic while their reputation was destroyed.

The consumers were repulsed by this matter, so they were verbally attacking the Norton Corporation on the internet without restraint.

Do they not care about our health? Who should be responsible for the mismanagement? I think they should be charged with murder.

Punish them until they go bankrupt! Let’s see if they dare to do something as heartless as this again!

What is the authority doing? Will the laws in our country ensure the rightful punishment? We need food safety!

I hope the Norton Corporation will handle this properly. Compensation should be given to those victims, while those responsible for this should be punished.

Reading the negative comments, Mark and the directors in the room were flustered. It was a fact that it would be difficult to earn the consumers’ trust once they had doubts about the food safety of their products.

If this matter wasn’t solved, not only would those food companies under Mark’s management shut down, but it would also destroy Norton Corporation’s reputation.

“Is everybody clear now?” Finnick scanned the room. Hearing his words, everyone exchanged glances, as they didn’t know what to do, and they had lost the motivation to confront Finnick.

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