Never Late, Never Away Chapter 435

Finnick snorted in his heart when silence ensued in the room as everyone had a solemn expression plastered on their faces. Why aren’t you guys saying anything now? Weren’t you guys so much into confronting me just now?

He turned to look at Mark and said, “How are you going to explain this to everyone here?”

Glaring at Finnick with hostility, Mark was rendered speechless, as he didn’t see this coming. The matter was exposed so suddenly that he had no time to come up with an explanation.

Sensing something was amiss, Samuel took the phone from the director beside him and looked at the context.

Infuriated, he slammed the table. “Mark, what the hell’s going on? I’ve reminded you, again and again, to be extra careful with food safety. Looks like you’ve been ignoring my words.”

“Grandpa, I remembered everything you said, and I only knew about this just now.” He hurriedly got up and explained, “I’ll look into it now. They kept me in the dark and did as they please.”

“There’s no use in doing that now. It’s already on the news!” Elder Mr. Norton’s face turned red from anger as he lashed out at Mark.

The latter was embarrassed, as he was reprimanded in front of so many people. However, he could only choose his words carefully not to anger his grandfather any further. “Yes, grandpa. Don’t worry. I’ll settle everything.”

Right at that moment, Finnick saw Mark’s assistant hovering anxiously outside the meeting room and scrutinizing the situation in the room now and then.

Finnick scoffed in his heart and said, “Come in.”

The assistant knew that going into the room now would only make things worse, but he couldn’t afford to show any disrespect to Finnick, so he could only enter the room.

When he was about to whisper in Mark’s ear, Samuel was enraged at the sight of this and he snapped, “Why? What is there to keep as a secret from me?”

“That’s not it, Mr. Norton. Its… Its…” The assistant was scared out of his wits that he started stuttering on his words. After glancing at Mark, he steeled himself and said, “Mr. Cole, who is in charge of Pristine Food has requested to meet with Mr. Mark, saying that he had some matters to report.”

Samuel pointed at Mark and scolded, “Humph! Look at what you’ve done! Ask him to come in now.”

“Yes,” the assistant hurriedly left the meeting room after he received the orders from Samuel.

Soon, a bald, potbellied middle-aged man walked into the room. His voice sounded across the room before they could see him. “Oh no! Mr. Norton, you’ll have to…”

When he saw everyone in the room, he immediately paused.

Holy… Why are there so many directors here? Even the chairman is here! Could it be that they know that the company I’m in charge of is under investigation? Are they here to confront me?

Sweat broke out from the man’s forehead at the thought of this. It seems like I am losing my job soon.

“Tell me what exactly happened,” Samuel shouted.

Hearing the chairman’s words, the man shivered in fear as he replied, “Mr. Norton, the officers from the Food Security Bureau were at the factory. They asked us to stop operating and cooperate with the investigation. I have no choice, but to…”

Mark’s expression turned unsightly as he glared at the man.

How incompetent! Why are you here now? You’re just adding fuel to the flame!

The bald man’s legs started trembling as he was terrified by Mark’s glare. I’m doomed! This will be the end of me.

“You guys only give me trouble!” Samuel was so angry that he couldn’t hold back his fury. “What are you waiting for? Settle it now!”

“Yes, grandpa.” With that, Mark walked out of the room with a dark expression.

“Wait.” Seeing that Mark was about to leave, Finnick said, “Mark, didn’t you say whoever that blundered will lose the rights to hold the shares of the Norton Corporation? Given how things are now, shouldn’t you hand over your shares?”

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