Never Late, Never Away Chapter 437

“He did this, didn’t he?” The elder Mr. Norton angrily hurled a teacup away, fuming. “That rebellious little sh*t of a son! He had the audacity to even demand that you hand over the shares? Of course, nobody could refuse!”

“Calm down, Grandpa. It’s bad for your health.” Seeing that elder Mr. Norton was furious, Finnick hurriedly moved to help the old man sit down.

“And you! Why didn’t you say anything earlier? If I hadn’t forced this out of Noah, for how long were you planning on keeping this from me? Is that idiot even worth defending?” Finnick sighed inwardly. He was not expecting to be yelled at in turn.

“Grandpa, I’m not protecting him. I…”

Finnick trailed off with an embarrassed look on his face. The gesture made the elder Mr. Norton realize that the incident was no mere kidnapping. “What else are you hiding from me?”

“Well, I…” Finnick stopped, unsure of how to explain the situation. He then recalled the video clip he saw the other day, which made a wave of fiery anger burn in his veins.

“Noah, explain!”

“This has to do with Mrs. Norton. I’m afraid I’m not really in a position to say.”

The elder Mr. Norton could not fathom why they were both so reluctant to speak. “What’s so hard? Are you saying that kidnapping Vivian aside, Mark did other things to her?”

No sooner had the remark been said when elder Mr. Norton noticed that Finnick and Noah looked even more uncomfortable. Was I right after all? Mark had actually laid a hand on Vivian?

With a sudden burst of rage, the elder Mr. Norton got up and kicked the coffee table in front of him, sending all the exquisite tableware onto the ground in a loud shatter. The cups broke into tinier pieces that reflected the sunlight that came through the window.

“That beast! Vivian is his sister-in-law, so how can he even do such a thing?”

“No, Sir, it’s not what you think!” Noah hurriedly interjected for fear of deepening the misunderstanding. “He had contracted the help of four beggars, and they…”

“Alright, that’s enough!” The old man could really not bear to hear the rest of the sordid details from Noah’s own mouth. Instead, he gripped the handles of his seat so tightly that the veins popped quite visibly against his hands.

When he tried to get up again, the adrenaline in the elder Mr. Norton surged so much that he staggered two steps backward and almost fell. Fortunately, a quick-thinking and nimble Noah was there to catch him. The elderly man was promptly led to the sofa to rest.

“To think he’d actually do something like this, that little piece of sh*t.” The elderly Mr. Norton barely had the strength to swear. All he could do was mutter weakly as his tired body remained motionless on the sofa.

Meanwhile, Finnick was seated on the other end of the sofa with a grim expression on his face. He fiddled with the buttons on his sleeves restlessly before moving onto the cushions. It took a while for him to realize that he had accidentally clawed through the fabric. Immediately, cotton spilled out into his hands, and he flicked it aside in annoyance.

Silence fell in the office that moment.

Back in the villa, Vivan was lounging in the living room after breakfast. The tv was on, but she was barely paying attention. All she could think of was what happened last night.

The very idea that Finnick no longer liked her filled her with distress.

Just then, her thoughts were disturbed by the cheerful sound of her ringtone. Before she picked up, Vivian noticed that it was the hospital where Rachel was admitted to. Fearing that something had happened, Vivian hurriedly answered the call.

“Good morning. Are you Rachel William’s next of kin?” There was a solemnness to the doctor’s tone of voice that made her scalp prickle with unease.

“Yes, I am her daughter.”

“Please come to the hospital right now. It concerns your mother, and it’s best-explained face to face.”

“Doctor, what’s wrong with my mother?” The news made it difficult for Vivian to hide the anxiety in her voice.

“Let’s talk about it when you get here. I don’t think this is an appropriate conversation over the phone.”

“Alright, I’ll be on my way.”

After Vivian hung up, she hurriedly took a cab to the hospital and ran all the way towards the doctor’s office.

The woman barely had any time to catch her breath as she stood at the doorway, gasping, “Doctor… What’s wrong… with her?

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