Never Late, Never Away Chapter 44

Although her marriage with Finnick started off on a weird note, Vivian still respected their marriage and would not do anything to betray Finnick.

However, Finnick sounded like he was suspecting Vivian. This made her feel extremely hurt.

“What do you mean, Finnick?” Her tone turned cold. “Are you suspecting that there’s something going on between Fabian and I?”

Vivian had to admit that she was being a little too sensitive now.

However, she really could not stand it anymore. Fabian’s recent mockery and insults, in addition to the photos from today, was pushing her to the verge of a break down.

Initially, she thought that Finnick trusted her. Yet, he was treating her like a flirty woman now!

Finnick did not expect Vivian to react so emotionally. He frowned slightly and reassured her, “That’s not what I meant. Let’s eat.”

Finnick was trying to end the conversation, but Vivian placed her cutlery down and muttered, “I’m full.”

With that, she prepared to stand up and leave the dining table.

However, before she could stand up, Finnick abruptly rose to his feet. He propped his arms on the handles of her chair, trapping her there.

“You! What are you doing?” When Vivian raised her head in a fluster, she saw the man’s handsome face barely inches away from her.

Finnick’s eyes were dark, his emotions unreadable. As he watched Vivian’s panicked expression, he asked in a deep voice, “Vivian, is there nothing that you want to tell me?”

He understood his nephew, Fabian’s personality. Fabian was an impulsive man. Hence, after receiving those photos, he would definitely seek Vivian out.

In addition to how Vivian seemed so distracted throughout the day, Finnick guessed that she had probably seen those photos.

Yet, she did not say anything about it.

This infuriated Finnick further.

Why didn’t she tell me? I’m her husband. Yet, even though she had been wronged, she did not say a single word. She even wants to continue working in that accursed magazine company!

Finnick did not know why exactly he was so furious. When he gazed at Vivian’s fair face and watery eyes, he just could not suppress his anger.

“Vivian, I’m asking you a question!” When he saw that Vivian remained silent, Finnick’s anger increased. He pinched her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

Finnick’s grip was starting to hurt her. Despite trying to hold her tears back, they still gushed out from her eyes. Glaring at Finnick, she yelled, “Are you crazy, Finnick?”

Even Finnick thought that he must be going mad.

Gazing at Vivian’s face, which was flushed in anger, and her teary eyes, he actually found her extremely alluring!

Yet, when he remembered those photos and Fabian’s words, he realized that not a trace of rationality was left within him.

He abruptly lowered his head and pressed his lips against Vivian’s pale lips, causing her exclamations to fall silent.

Initially, Finnick just wanted to kiss her as a warning. Yet, when his lips touched Vivian’s, his mouth was filled with her sweet fragrance. He was stunned.

Is this how Vivian tastes like?

As if he had been possessed by the devil, he could not help but pry her lips open, greedily deepening the kiss.

On the other side, Vivian widened her eyes in shock.

This was Finnick’s second time kissing her. Compared to the punishment kiss the previous time, this kiss was obviously more passionate.

Initially, Vivian wanted to resist and shove Finnick away. However, despite punching his muscular chest, he did not budge.

After a while, Vivian felt breathless from the kiss. Her face was completely red. Unable to resist anymore, she merely slumped in his arms.

After a long time, Finnick noticed that Vivian’s face was flushed. Only then did he reluctantly release her and stand up.

The kiss just now allowed him to vent some of the jealousy that was burning within him.

Gazing at Vivian’s lips, which were swollen from the kiss, his heart ached. His fingers grazed across her lips as he apologized softly, “I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

Biting her lips, Vivian remained silent.

“What?” Finnick’s tone turned cold when he noticed Vivian’s distant attitude. “Do you hate it so much when I touch you?”

Remembering her resistance to him on the bed, a dangerous glint flashed across Finnick’s eyes.

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