Never Late, Never Away Chapter 441

“Really?” Vivian looked at Finnick tearfully. He was her only hope.

“Of course.” Finnick wiped away her tears and stroked her cheek. “She’ll be okay. Just trust me, won’t you?”

“I-I will.” Vivian nodded vigorously. “If you say she’ll be fine, then she will be fine. I trust you.”

“Good. Shall we go see her first?”

“Absolutely not!” exclaimed Vivian, who was agitated again. “I haven’t told her anything, and I don’t want her to see me like this!”

“In that case, why don’t we head home?”

Vivian nodded weakly at that.

Then, Finnick turned around and gently escorted a weakened Vivian to the car that was waiting outside.

Throughout the ride home, Finnick held her in his arms.

She was probably emotionally exhausted. In a few moments, Vivian fell asleep on his shoulder. Her eyes were still wet with lingering teardrops, but Finnick thought that she looked particularly vulnerable.

When the couple arrived home, Finnick had to carry her out of the car and into the house. Given how the news took a toll on her, Vivian never woke up despite the commotion.

Finnick gingerly carried her to the bedroom and set her down on the bed. After he tucked her in, he lay down next to her in silence.

Although Vivian was in deep slumber, it was not a fitful rest. She felt herself weave in and out of dreams that passed into nightmares. Now and then, tears would wet the corners of her closed eyes.

Finnick could not sleep a wink when he saw how restless she was. With a thumb, he gently wiped Vivian’s tears away and held her, hoping that he could provide some comfort.

He reflected on how recently, he seemed to have seen more of her tears than anything else. This is all my fault. All I can do is make my wife cry.

Slowly, he leaned over to kiss the top of Vivian’s head as he gently patted her back as he would a child. Finnick hoped that the simple gesture would bring her some comfort in her sleep.

When Vivian awoke a while later in a dark bedroom, she was initially confused. Am I at home? What time is it?

She reached over to turn the lights on and gradually willed herself into sobriety. However, she recalled what happened at the hospital earlier and started to shed tears again.

Finnick happened to walk in on Vivian crying in silence, her fists bunched up in the sheets. With a low sigh, Finnick walked to the bed and held her in his arms. “Hey, don’t cry. You’re going to cry your eyes out if you don’t stop.”

With conscious effort, Vivian did her best to hold back her tears as she looked at Finnick.

He felt his heart sting when he saw that Vivian’s eyes were swollen to the size of plums. “You haven’t eaten all day, I think? Why don’t you wash up, and we’ll head down for some food?”

Vivian answered him with a very hoarse-sounding “yes” and padded into the bathroom.

After she washed her face and went downstairs, she found that the table was already set for a simple meal. Finnick had made her a simple but hearty chicken stew. The kindness and the gentleness of Finnick’s gesture touched Vivian. This reminded her how things were before Evelyn showed up and ruined everything.

Over the next few days, Finnick did not go to work. Instead, he stayed at home and kept Vivian company, all while he actively put effort into placing inquiries. He had contacted several experts in leukemia research.

His actions had cleared all doubts Vivian had about Finnick not loving her. She found herself reveling in a bond that had only deepened much further.

The day came when Vivian finally received the much-awaited call from the hospital. She was to go there in person to get the full report and decide on her next course of action.

“Of course, I’ll be there right away.” She rushed to the hospital anxiously as soon as she hung up. Finnick, unfortunately, had some matters to oversee at the Finnor Group. Thus, Vivian had to take a taxi to the hospital by herself.

The journey to the hospital was nerve-wracking. Vivian fidgeted restlessly in the car, unable to stop herself from thinking about the worst possible outcomes. What if my bone marrow does not match Rachel’s? Can Finnick really step in and help me find a donor? And if I really can’t find a donor, am I going to watch my mother die?

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