Never Late, Never Away Chapter 447

Vivian nodded vigorously in Finnick’s arms.

Very gently, Finnick pushed Vivian away and led her towards the sofa.

“Okay, take some deep breaths and talk to me slowly. Tell me everything.” Finnick picked up some tissue from a nearby container and wiped away her tears tenderly.

Vivian took a few minutes to compose herself. “The doctor said that I’m incompatible as a donor.”

As a matter of fact, Finnick had already anticipated this. When he first heard about Rachel’s condition, the first thing he did was set out to look for suitable donors. However, he had not gotten a response yet.

“Don’t worry. I’ve already started making inquiries. It won’t be long until we find someone.”

Vivian nodded and looked at Finnick gratefully. “But there’s something else.” Vivian suddenly recalled the results of the DNA test, and tears welled up in her eyes. “The doctor said that my… DNA is completely inconsistent with that of my mother’s. I’m not her biological daughter.”

Finnick was stunned to hear this from Vivian. “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t believe it either. So I decided to ask her in person.” Vivian then let out a loud wail. “Finnick, that was not a mistake. I am not her daughter.”

Finnick hurriedly moved over to hold Vivian but could not find the words to comfort her. He was at a loss.

“I did a paternity test some time ago, and the test results confirmed that I am not Harvey’s daughter. And today, I found out that I’m not even my mother’s own child. Finnick, I have no relatives. I have no one! What should I do?”

“What do you mean?” Finnick caressed Vivian’s back in an attempt to comfort her. “You still have me. I am your husband, and we are a family. I’ll be with you until the day I die.”

“Really?” Vivian raised her head, looking at Finnick with tear-stained cheeks. “Do you promise?”

Finnick looked at Vivian affectionately. “Of course. I love you, and I will always be with you.”

The sincerity in Finnick’s eyes took Vivian’s breath away. She was so moved that she could not respond.

Very gently, Finnick planted a soft kiss on Vivian’s forehead before he embraced her again. “Don’t dwell on it. I promise I’ll never leave your side.”

Finnick’s reassurances brought great comfort to Vivian, who finally managed to calm down. Leaning against his arms, Vivian found strength and warmth returning to her. Deep down, she knew he was right. She was not alone because she had him.

Vivian suddenly recalled that their family was about to become a lot bigger with their latest addition – a baby.

Joyfully, Vivian raised her head to look at Finnick. “There is some good news that came out of this after all.”

“Huh?” Finnick was a little puzzled by Vivian’s sudden change in demeanor. Wasn’t she crying just a few minutes before?

“I’m pregnant!” finished Vivian happily. “Finnick, we’re going to have a baby!”

Vivian looked at Finnick expectantly, thinking that he would be just as excited as he was before.

However, she had not prepared herself for the sudden chill in his expression. He became stoic, and his eyes were a mix of emotions that she could not comprehend.

“What’s the matter?” Finnick’s reaction puzzled and displeased Vivian in equal measure. “Aren’t you happy to have children?”

Finnick opened his mouth and wanted to explain but could not find the right words. Was this child truly conceived by us both?

In the end, Finnick looked at Vivian vaguely and asked, “How far along are you?”

“The doctor said it has been a month,” replied Vivian gently, as she absentmindedly stroked her belly.

The child had been inside her for a month? Why hadn’t she felt anything before?

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