Never Late, Never Away Chapter 448

“A month?” Finnick’s face darkened as he counted the number of days in his heart. A month ago was the exact date that Vivian got kidnapped. With that, it was unlikely for the child to be biologically related to him.

“Yes.” Vivian nodded her head without noticing the change in Finnick’s expression. “To be exact, I might’ve gotten pregnant with the child the night before I got kidnapped.”

Finnick recalled that they had indeed gotten intimate on that night before she got kidnapped. Could it really be that coincidental, though… They had always wanted a kid, but even so, Vivian was still not pregnant. So how is it possible that out of all those times, she was only impregnated that night?

Thus, Finnick felt dubious regarding that. If his guess was right, it meant that the child could be a result of the gang rape.

As his thoughts drifted in that direction, the image of the four men ripping Vivian’s clothes off ignited the anger within him.

He clenched his fists hard and muttered, “Mark Norton, one day I’ll make you pay for that.”

Feeling the anger that Finnick possessed, Vivian looked at him helplessly. She wondered why Finnick did not show any delight after the news of her pregnancy.

“Finnick, are you okay?” Vivian questioned in an annoyed tone. “Didn’t you hope for a child all along? Why do you seem unhappy about it now?”

“N-no, Vivian. I…” Finnick was unsure of how to articulate his thoughts to Vivian. He had a strong urge to hunt for the four guys and skin them alive as he got reminded that Vivian was pregnant with the child of another guy.

The fact that Vivian broke the news of her pregnancy in excitement shattered his heart further.

Finnick could not face Vivian because it would only hurt his heart seeing her exuberant joy when she spoke about the child.

On the other hand, he knew clearly that it was not Vivian’s fault as she was the victim. He could only blame himself for not protecting her well enough.

After he had pondered for a while, his facial expression turned solemn as he looked at Vivian and spoke earnestly, “Vivian, I think we should abort this child.” He could never allow Vivian to give birth to the child of another man.

Ultimately, Finnick could not bring himself to face the child if the child was born. He might even resent the child.

“What are you talking about?” Vivian asserted as she shot up from the sofa. She looked at Finnick in disbelief and yelled in anger, “How could you say that? This is our child!”

“Vivian, listen to me.” Finnick stood up, held her shoulders, and said in a serious tone, “We cannot have this child.”

“Why not?” Vivian asked while staring into Finnick’s eyes – she could not accept those words coming out of her husband’s mouth.

“Vivian, please calm down.” Finnick tried to console her. “This is not the right time for us to have a child. If you really want one, let’s wait a while more, okay?”

“But I’m already pregnant. Why do we need more time?” Vivian could not figure out what Finnick meant.

What did he mean by that? For the longest time, that child was what both of us had hoped for, so how could he get me to abort it?

“Vivian, please just listen to me.” Finnick was getting impatient. “We definitely cannot have this kid,” he emphasized.

Upon hearing Finnick’s words, Vivian shrugged his hands off her shoulder, took two steps back, and stared at him with her eyes filled with hurt and sadness.

She recalled how elated Finnick used to get when he knew of her pregnancy the last time. However, he seemed like a totally different person this time around. Is he still the same Finnick that I know?

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