Never Late, Never Away Chapter 449

“Why?” Vivian asked while she was choking on her tears. “What’s the reason for not wanting the child?” Vivian probed as she looked at Finnick coldly.

Finnick looked away because he could not bear to look straight into Vivian’s teary eyes and stated, “Now is just not the right time.”

Hearing that, Vivian was utterly disappointed in him for the lack of proper explanation.

As she wiped her tears, Vivian looked sternly at Finnick and declared, “I would never abort this child.” After that, Vivian left the study without care for Finnick’s reaction.

Watching Vivian leave, Finnick tightened his fist in anger. Should I… tell her? Could Vivian handle the truth? She might change her decision if she knew. But…

No… No, I can’t… She would be devastated. When Finnick thought of the amount of pain the news could bring to Vivian, he decided not to reveal the truth to her.

But in that case, how should I convince her to get an abortion? At that moment, Finnick could not come up with any other solution.

Meanwhile, after reaching the room, Vivian was on her bed, crying her heart out. All she did was share the exciting news with Finnick, but his response was too unexpected – that he did not want the child at all.

Perhaps Finnick did not want to get intimate with her the past few days because he wanted to avoid impregnating her. But why would he do that? Vivian could not understand the sudden change in Finnick’s mind.

She then tried to recall when Finnick had become a different person. However, the more she dwelled on it, the more upset she felt. The change in his attitude towards her seemed to have happened after Evelyn’s appearance.

In the past, Finnick would never lose his temper in front of Vivian and would always trust her. Yet now, he even considered aborting their child.

Did he still have feelings for Evelyn, possibly wanting a divorce so he could get back with her? Maybe that was why he wanted the abortion. Was he afraid that I would use the child as an excuse to cling to him?

As she thought of the possibility of Finnick wanting to leave her, her heart ached more intensely. But earlier, he said that he would always stay by my side. Was it all just a lie? A lie to soothe my emotions temporarily?

Vivian shook her head hard as she did not wish to dwell upon what she had assumed. However, she could not control her tears.

Regardless of what Finnick said, she was determined to give birth to the child.

She was determined to protect the child at all costs as it was still her child after all.

With a thousand thoughts in mind, Vivian cried herself to sleep. When she woke up the next day, she realized that she had a blanket over her; she guessed that it was probably Finnick’s doing.

However, the man was not in the room. Nonetheless, Vivian was fine with it as she was not prepared to face him.

After washing up, she headed down for breakfast. Initially, Vivian thought that Finnick had left for work, so she did not expect to see him at the dining table.

Thus, she stopped and hesitated if she should turn to walk away or sit down to have breakfast with him.

“Vivian, you’re awake.” Finnick spotted Vivian and spoke with an awkward expression, “Come and have your breakfast.”

Vivian had no choice but to sit down at the dining table. Despite that, she did not sit beside or across Finnick as usual. Instead, she chose the furthest seat and sat down.

Finnick knew that Vivian was still angry at him. Last night when he went back to their room, Vivian was already asleep. He adjusted her position and covered her with a blanket. After that, he thought of lying down right next to her. However, he could not bring himself to do so as he recalled the disagreement they had earlier. Thus, he went to the guest room.

While Vivian was fast asleep, Finnick stayed up the whole night trying to come up with ways to convince her to abort the child but to no avail.

How could he convince her to abort the child when she held the thought that she was pregnant with his child? It was the first time Finnick had wrecked his brains that hard trying to come up with a solution for something.

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