Never Late, Never Away Chapter 45

Vivian did not know how to reply him. All she could feel was an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Slapping Finnick’s hand away, she got up and left the dining room.

Watching her back, Finnick did not chase after her.

For the entire night, Finnick did not return to the master bedroom. Vivian was left alone in the room, sleepless for the entire night.

Finnick left the house early the next morning. He was gone when Vivian woke up.

After eating breakfast alone, she went to the office. However, she just sat down at her desk when she saw Fabian walking out of his office.

Frowning, Vivian stood up, planning to hide at the toilet and avoid a direct confrontation with him. She did not want Fabian to scold her in front of everyone.

“Vivian, you’re free in the afternoon, right? Follow me to Finnor Group for an interview.”

Finnor Group?

Vivian’s body froze. When she turned around, she saw Fabian staring at her expressionlessly.

“Mr. Norton.” She tried her best to seem calm. “I don’t feel too well today. Can you take another person?”

“No.” Fabian’s tone was formal. “This is the second interview with Finnor Group’s CEO. You interviewed him the previous time, so at least you’re acquainted. It’s better if you accompany me there.”

Vivian frowned.

Interview Finnick with Fabian?

I’d be mad if I did that!

“But I really don’t feel well, so I’m afraid that I’ll affect the interview. Sarah and the rest were present at the previous interview too. It’s the same if you ask them to tag along.”

“Vivian.” Losing his patience, Fabian’s tone became frosty. “Do you want to get fired?”

In the magazine company, other than the Chief Editor’s office, everyone else worked in open cubicles. Hence, all the employees sat together.

When they overheard Fabian’s conversation with Vivian, they fell silent. They timidly watched on, sensing the strange atmosphere surrounding them.

Glaring at Fabian, Vivian had no choice but to relent. “Okay, Mr. Norton.”

“Then don’t delay anymore. We’ll leave now,” ordered Fabian expressionlessly and left, while Vivian coldly trailed behind.

After Vivian and Fabian left, the magazine company erupted into a ruckus.

“Oh my God! What’s going on? Vivian’s relationship with Mr. Norton seems quite bad. I initially thought that he quite liked Vivian.”

“Are you stupid? You must be blind to think that Mr. Norton doesn’t like Vivian. If he doesn’t like her, why would he ask her to tag along for such a major interview?”

“Huh? But they looked like they were about to start an argument.”

“They’re not arguing! It’s obvious that Vivian is throwing a tantrum at Mr. Norton.”

Most of the employees in the magazine company were women, who loved to gossip. Vivian had just joined the magazine company two years ago, but her performance had been consistently good. In fact, she was much better than the other experienced journalists who had worked there for three to four years. Part of the reason was that Vivian dared to accept any news projects, regardless of how tiring they were.

However, not everyone thought so.

Previously, someone spread a rumor in the company about how Vivian managed to get involved with a wealthy big-shot. Now that her relationship with the Chief Editor was so vague, everyone was even more convinced now.

However, Vivian did not realize that she had become the subject of everyone’s gossip. She merely sat on Fabian’s car solemnly and headed to Finnor Group.

“Fabian.” There was only the two of them in the car. Unable to bear it anymore, she asked, “What are you trying to do?”

“What? Are you scared?” scoffed Fabian coldly. “Isn’t he just your sugar daddy? If this already scares you, how did you find the courage to be a mistress who breaks up someone else’s family?”

Vivian found Fabian utterly unreasonable. Not wanting to converse with him anymore, she looked outside the window.

The car finally arrived at the Finnor Group’s building. Vivian followed Fabian up the building. Then, the secretary led them to Finnick’s office.

The office was decorated in a modern style. The man was sitting on a wheelchair in front of the massive French windows. His body was enveloped by a golden simmer of sunlight, causing him to look dazzling.

“Uncle Finnick,” greeted Fabian as he walked forward with Vivian. “Excuse me for the sudden interview. I didn’t disturb your work, right?”

Finnick turned around slowly with a calm expression on his handsome face. “It’s fine. It’s just a mere interview.”

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