Never Late, Never Away Chapter 451

“You’re pregnant?” Mr. Norton exclaimed nervously upon hearing the news.

“Yes.” Vivian nodded her head, crying. “Grandpa, please help me convince Finnick to let me keep this child.”

“How many weeks?” Mr. Norton asked the question that he was most concerned about and ignored Vivian’s request.

Upon hearing Mr. Norton’s response, Vivian realized that something was off. It was weird that Mr. Norton and Finnick both responded to the news with the same question.

However, she shrugged it off and replied, “According to the doctor, I’m four weeks pregnant.”

Four weeks! Mr. Norton’s face turned pale upon hearing her reply. It was a month ago that Vivian got kidnapped. Could it be that the child was from that incident?

No wonder Finnick wanted her to abort the child. Out of all times, why did it have to be from that period of time? What an ill-fated coincidence.

Vivian noticed how Mr. Norton had a perplexed expression on his face, and how Finnick had the same expression the day before.

At that, she started to get anxious, worried that Mr. Norton would have the same stance as Finnick.

“Vivian, I think… it would be best for you to abort this child.” Mr. Norton seemed to be in a dilemma about the words he has said. “Listen to Finnick and abort this child.”

“Why?” Vivian raised her voice as she broke down and asked. “Why are you both so persistent in the abortion? But this baby is mine and Finnick’s!”

Vivian’s words triggered Mr. Norton’s memory regarding what Finnick had told him – that due to the earlier incident, Vivian’s subconscious had selectively chosen to erase that memory.

“Vivian, please just listen to Finnick.” Mr. Norton had no clue on how to explain the whole situation to Vivian as well.

She staggered a few steps back and sat on the edge of the sofa. Vivian did not expect that even Mr. Norton would not help her. What should I do now?

Seeing the devastated state that Vivian was in, Mr. Norton sat beside her and consoled her, “Vivian, Finnick has his reasons for holding his stand – reasons that he might not be able to tell you about. But you need to trust in him. He is just trying to protect you.”

“Grandpa, could you please tell me why?” Vivian pleaded while looking at Mr. Norton with her eyes filled with sadness.

As a matter of fact, Vivian had realized that the reason for their opposition was much deeper than it seemed. After all, both Finnick and Mr. Norton had given the same response.

If the reason behind Finnick’s opposition was due to Evelyn, then what about Grandpa’s? Why did Grandpa support the abortion of the child?

Upon seeing how Mr. Norton kept his silence and avoided eye contact, Vivian confirmed her suspicion that she was definitely unaware of a deeper reason.

“Grandpa, please tell me the reason. It must be serious for both of you to have the same stance on this. I have the right to know, or I’ll never allow anyone to hurt my child!”

Mr. Norton hesitated with Vivian’s words.

It was indeed cruel of us to hide the truth from her. Furthermore, she would never agree to it otherwise.

Mr. Norton started with a question after hesitating. “Vivian, do you recall a month ago that you got kidnapped?”

“I remember.” Vivian nodded but could not understand how that incident was related to the abortion.

“Do you remember all of it? Are you sure you didn’t miss out on anything?”

“No, I remember that incident very clearly.” Did I really forget something?

“Then do you recall that you were… sexually assaulted?”

“What?” Vivian exclaimed in disbelief.

Following Vivian’s response, it appeared to Mr. Norton that she had indeed forgotten all about it.

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