Never Late, Never Away Chapter 452

“Yes, you were… sexually assaulted that day.” Mr. Norton hesitated but revealed the harsh truth anyway. “There were four beggars that day, so we suspect that the child may not be Finnick’s.”

After he revealed the whole truth, he looked at Vivian with his eyes full of guilt. It was all because of Mark, that b*stard.

“Grandpa, what do you mean?” Vivian was in a daze. “I wasn’t sexually assaulted.”

“Vivian, you might have forgotten it. Just listen to Finnick and me. Abort the child before you regret it in the future.”

“How could I forget something like that?” Vivian could not comprehend Mr. Norton’s words. Her head was in a chaotic mess at that moment.

“The doctor said that your subconscious might have selectively chosen to forget that incident as a response to cope with that traumatic experience.”

What the heck is he talking about? Frustration welled up within Vivian when he said that. However, she closed her eyes and took two deep breaths to calm her thoughts.

“Grandpa, I remembered what happened very clearly. There were indeed four guys who were about to… you know… but that was when Benedict appeared in time to save me. Fortunately for him, I wasn’t sexually assaulted. After that, Benedict sent me to the hospital. Then, when I woke up, I saw Finnick, and that was it.”

“Vivian, you might’ve been traumatized by that and had forgotten about it, so your brain made up such a memory to help you cope with the impact of that incident.” It was apparent that Mr. Norton did not believe in Vivian’s words.

“I didn’t!” Vivian felt helpless as she did not know how to clear the misunderstanding. “Grandpa, please believe me. I knew what happened – the four guys didn’t rape me.”

“But the doctor claimed that your body had signs of being sexually assaulted after a full examination.” Mr. Norton was confused by Vivian’s words. What actually happened?

“Why would the doctor say that?” Vivian questioned while she furrowed her brows as she could not understand.

Why would the doctor lie about such a thing?

At that, Mr. Norton let out a deep sigh and explained earnestly, “Vivian, there’s no reason for the doctor to lie. You may have forgotten about it, so please listen to me and abort the child.”

“Grandpa, I swear I did not forget anything. Please believe me.” The more Vivian tried to explain, the more confusing it got.

No wonder Finnick avoided getting intimate with me recently. Did he think that I was raped by those four beggars as well?

That must be the case! He must have been the one who told grandpa about it.

But he wasn’t even there! So why was he so certain that I got raped? Also, why did the doctor tell him that?

As Vivian recalled the incident once again, she was reminded of someone who might be the cause of all the confusion… Evelyn!

She recalled that Finnick told her that it was Evelyn and Benedict who had saved her. Afraid that Finnick would not believe her words, she kept it to herself that Evelyn was, in fact, the one who had kidnapped her.

Evelyn must have bribed the doctor to give Finnick a false statement. Her motive was clearly to break our relationship.

At that moment, Vivian was filled with hatred towards Evelyn. After the unexpected appearance of Benedict, Evelyn actually took the chance to plant a thorn in Finnick’s heart. A thorn so deep that it would tear the relationship between Finnick and Vivian apart.

At that moment, Vivian had decided not to let Finnick misunderstand the situation any further. With that thought in mind, Vivian rushed out of Mr. Norton’s study.

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