Never Late, Never Away Chapter 453

I must explain clearly to Finnick and clarify that I’m pregnant with his child. No matter what, I can’t let him have any misunderstanding about this matter.

Samuel was baffled when he noticed that Vivian seemed to be lost in thought. A while ago, she pleaded for him to trust her, emphasizing that she was telling the truth. Before he could ask her further about what had actually happened at that time, she turned and dashed toward the door.

“Vivian!” Samuel called out to her, yet she did not hear him at all. In a twinkling of an eye, she had descended the staircase and reached the ground floor.

Once Vivian was out of the house, she stopped a taxi hastily by the roadside and hopped into it. She urged the taxi driver to speed off after mentioning the address of Finnor Group.

Along the way, indecipherable uneasiness crept into Vivian gradually. How should I explain to Finnick about this matter? Will he choose to trust me? Will he share the same thought as grandpa that I’ve forgotten about what had happened at that time?

When Vivian reached Finnor Group, she headed straight for Finnick’s office without greeting the receptionist at the front desk.

The receptionist did not stop her, knowing that she was Finnick’s wife. However, she wondered why Vivian headed toward Finnick’s office in such a hurry. She had obviously cried a while ago. Her eyes were red and there was still the residue of tears on her face. Has she quarrelled with the president?

She looked at the phone in front of her hesitantly and was in a dilemma whether she should give the president a call about it.

Anyway, I better don’t get involved with the boss’ family matters! To play safe, I’d better pretend that I didn’t see anything.

The moment Vivian reached Finnick’s office, there was no sign of him. Finnick’s secretary told her that he was having a meeting in the meeting room, and requested her to wait for a while.

“Could you please inform your president that I need to see him now?” Vivian insisted to see Finnick at once.

The secretary was stunned as Vivian sounded unusually demanding. It never crossed her mind that such a stern look would appear on Vivian’s face, as she was always giving off a vibe of gentleness and demureness. She presumed that Vivian must have an urgent matter.

“Alright, Mrs. Norton. Please hold on. I’ll inform him now,” the secretary said courteously to Vivian.

In the meeting room, Finnick was in the midst of listening to the head of department’s daily update. At the sight of his secretary who was approaching him, a small frown creased his forehead. He really disliked being interrupted in the middle of a meeting.

His secretary lowered her voice and informed him, “Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton is currently waiting for you in your office. She needs to see you at once on an urgent matter.”

Instantly, Finnick gestured to the department head to stop and announced, “We’ll continue again in the afternoon. The meeting is adjourned.”

Right after his announcement, he stood up and strode out of the meeting room. All the heads of departments were dumbfounded and exchanged looks in bewilderment.

They were stunned when Finnick’s secretary called them for a meeting all of a sudden early in the morning. The moment Finnick stepped into the meeting room with a grim look, they sensed something amiss. They could only be as tactful as possible and kept their fingers crossed so none of them would infuriate their boss who was like a sleeping volcano that might erupt at any time.

Everyone expected that this meeting would take hours as Finnick requested all the heads of departments to present their reports one by one. Unexpectedly, he dismissed them out of a sudden again. They were obviously the minor characters for Finnick to unleash his wrath. They wondered if they should be thankful since the meeting was postponed.

Meanwhile, Finnick had just stepped into his office and closed the door before he turned to look at Vivian. At that very moment, she had made a dart toward him. Grabbing hold of his hands, she looked at him anxiously. “Finnick, I’m expecting our child. I’m telling the truth. You must trust me!”

Finnick’s expression changed upon hearing her words, yet he still patiently led her to the sofa and took a seat.

“Vivian, there’re things that I’m unable to explain to you. Can you just listen to me? Let me accompany you to the hospital to abort this baby.”

“I paid grandpa a visit just now and have a better understanding of the reason from him. Finnick, please trust me. I was not raped so this is really your baby!” Vivian tried her best to explain.

Finnick’s face fell as he tightened his grips instinctively. After remaining silent for quite a while, he said gently, “Vivian, listen to me. You’ve forgotten about the incident at that time…”

“I didn’t forget. I remember everything!” Vivian became agitated and cut him off. My instinct is right! Finnick too thought that I have totally forgotten about what had happened at that time!

“Finnick, I was not raped by the four men. Benedict emerged at the eleventh hour and saved me!”

“Vivian, there’s something wrong with your memory. At that time…”

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