Never Late, Never Away Chapter 454

“There’s nothing wrong with my memory! I can remember everything! I’m pretty sure that I was not raped by the four men!” Vivian could not understand why both Mr. Norton and Finnick did not believe her. They insisted that her memory had somehow mixed up.

“Alright, alright. You were not raped by them.” Finnick tried to appease her by following what she said.

He recalled how the doctor advised him not to trigger Vivian’s memory on the previous incident. If not, she would be provoked and might end up having an emotional breakdown because of that.

“You’re willing to trust me now?” Vivian’s face lit up. Looks like Finnick still trusts me!

“Vivian, it doesn’t matter. My love for you will not change,” Finnick tried to sound as gentle as possible as he consoled her.

“Please listen to me. Let’s abort the baby. We can have our own child again in the future. I promise that I’ll shower our child with all my love. We’ll have a happy and complete family. I’ll…” Finnick tried to coax her again.

“You still don’t believe me!” Vivian pushed Finnick away and burst out crying, “Why don’t you trust my words? I was really not raped by anyone at that time. Benedict was there just in time to save me!”

Finnick’s heart ached at the sight of Vivian’s tears and sorrowful eyes. A sense of weariness crept into his heart. He wanted to trust Vivian’s words too. Nobody could understand how much he wished that Vivian had never encountered the terrible incident.

Yet, the video from Mark as well as what both the doctor and Evelyn told him was concrete evidence of the misfortune that had befallen Vivian.

“Vivian, I’m willing to trust you. You must also trust me that I’ll never leave you no matter what happened,” Finnick emphasized and tried to embrace Vivian in order to calm her down. He still felt that Vivian was worried about being abandoned by him, so she insisted that she was not raped by the men.

Rage surged within Vivian, accompanied by a sense of helplessness. Finnick says that he trusts me, yet he still thinks that I was raped by the men!

Does he really trust Evelyn so much? It seems he never doubts every single word of hers.

Tears flowed out of Vivian’s red-rimmed eyes again. Pushing Finnick away, she wailed, “You’re not being honest with me. If you really don’t mind, why haven’t you touched me in the past few days?”

Finnick was sure that his presumption was right upon hearing her words. Vivian was worried that he would abandon her just because of what she had gone through.

The sight of her tears caused his heart to feel a twitch again. He tried to wipe off her tears as he explained gently, “Vivian, don’t blame yourself for anything. Don’t think so much too. I’ll never leave you because of this incident. I didn’t touch you all this while because I… I…”

Finnick did not how to explain further to Vivian. He was actually having a phobia after the previous incident. Every time he looked at her, he could not resist blaming himself for not being able to protect her well, causing her to end up in such a miserable state.

“Why are you suddenly lost for words? You really mind that, after all?” Vivian was in despair when Finnick started to stammer. It seemed Evelyn’s plot had turned into a success.

“These are all Evelyn’s schemes. She deliberately misleads you so you’ll end up having a misunderstanding with me! Why don’t you trust me? You’d rather trust her and let her scheme turn into a success?” Vivian choked up as more tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Was there any relation between Evelyn and the incident?” Finnick could not understand why Vivian mentioned Evelyn suddenly.

Vivian asked him, “Let me ask you. Was Evelyn the one who told you that I was raped?”

Considering that Vivian might have misunderstood that Evelyn had intentionally tried to strain their relationship, so he tried to speak up for Evelyn, “Vivian, Evelyn did not have any bad intention. She actually sympathized with you for what you have gone through, so she told me about what she saw when they came to your rescue. Don’t get me wrong, it’s never her intention to tell me that. She was actually in tears when she described the scene to me.”

“She’s lying to you! She was just playing mind games and intended to initiate a conflict between us so our relationship will be strained.” There was growing anxiety within Vivian. How can Finnick believe Evelyn’s words?

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