Never Late, Never Away Chapter 455

“Vivian! You must bear in mind that Evelyn had saved you that time together with Benedict. Instead of being grateful to her for saving you, you are criticizing her and doubting her intention now. How can you be so ungrateful?” There was profound sternness in Finnick’s tone as his face turned grim.

I truly understand how Vivian is feeling now. But she shouldn’t have wronged anyone. What more Evelyn was the one who rescued her!

Vivian raised her voice and started to tremble in anxiety. “She’s lying! She’s just putting on a show in front of you! Do you know that she was the one who sent those people to abduct me? It was also her idea to get the four beggars to assault me. She even threatened me that she would share those unsightly pictures of me being assaulted on social media. She’s really a vicious woman!”

“Enough of all these!” Finnick roared at her in exasperation. “Vivian William, Evelyn was not the only person who told me that you were assaulted by the men. The doctor had performed a check-up for you that time and the result revealed that as well. How can you blame her for everything?”

“Evelyn must have bribed the doctor in order to convince you that I have been raped.” Vivian was becoming more agitated. “Finnick, please trust me! I’m telling the truth. I was abducted because of Evelyn. She’s a deceitful and ruthless woman. Don’t be blinded by her pretentious look!”

Finnick’s heart sank and his eyes were filled with great disappointment. He was speechless and could not believe that the unreasonable woman right in front of him was his beloved wife. I really can’t believe she’s my dear Vivian who is always gentle, demure and kind-heartened! It was as if she had turned into a totally different person!

Considering Vivian the trauma she had gone through recently, Finnick tried to suppress the growing impatience and frustration within himself. He kept telling himself that Vivian was behaving weirdly because of the great blow on her. What she needed the most at the moment was his consolation. Thus, he had to control his temper by all means and should not raise his voice at her or it might trigger a breakdown.

He took a deep breath and lowered his voice. “Vivian, Evelyn and I are just friends now. Everything between us was over. Don’t worry, I’ll never leave you because of her. Can you try to cheer up and stop thinking negatively of her?”

“So you feel that I’m thinking negatively of her?” Vivian gaped in disappointment. It was really out of her expectation that Finnick not only did not trust her words, but also suspected that she was framing Evelyn.

“It’s impossible that Evelyn was the culprit behind everything.” Finnick started to get impatient again. “I’ve known her since she was a child. I know her well and I trust her. She can’t be the type of person who has a crooked mind.”

“Since you really trust her, does it mean to say that I’m the one lying to you? You’re really protective of her! You’d rather trust her, and refuse to believe any of my words!” Vivian wailed in grief.

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe your words. I just feel that you’re blinded by jealousy at the moment and tend to lose control. Vivian, can you try to be rational?” Finnick could not help blurting out the words in frustration. In his eyes, Vivian was being unusually adamant at the moment, and he was having a hard time communicating with her.

Vivian stopped saying anything to defend herself. She just remained silent and gazed at Finnick with her sorrowful eyes which were welled up with tears. Tears trickled down her cheeks as her heart was filled with indecipherable complex emotions. Depression, despair, helplessness and anxiety were crushing her like a series of never-ending waves, suffocating her.

I’m blinded by great jealousy? Vivian could not help snickering within herself. He is my husband, the person whom I’m closest to in this world. So that’s what he’s been thinking of me all this while?

Vivian’s heart felt cold in an instant. She finally turned and left Finnick’s office in despair. Since he is on Evelyn’s side and refuses to believe me, there is no point in me wasting any more time arguing with him.

Finnick’s heart skip a beat when Vivian left his office. He was about to stop her from leaving but was overpowered by his pride. Standing as motionless as a statue, he gazed at Vivian till her figure was out of his view.

He needed some time before the growing anger within himself had worn him down too. Moreover, Vivian’s words had infuriated him. How can she accuse Evelyn without any concrete evidence? Why is she so adamant and refuses to take my words?

Apart from the indescribable rage, Finnick was feeling depressed at the same time. Vivian claims that I don’t trust her. But does she realize that she herself doesn’t trust me as well? If she trusts me, she won’t keep suspecting that there is something going on between me and Evelyn.

Vivian was wandering aimlessly on the street after she stepped out of Finnor Group. Now I know the truth as to why Finnick doesn’t want me to keep this baby. He really thinks that I’m not pregnant with his child!

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